Posted on: March 8, 2017 at 4:12 pm
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If you come from a food-loving family, you probably look at your kitchen like it’s sacred. It’s the room where you cook amazing meals and have great conversations.

However, the kitchen  can always benefit from a little innovation to make it more functional or comfortable whenever you’re cooking.

21 Kitchen Hacks


These are 21 ways to change the way you cook meals, organize your kitchen, and clean your sacred space:

Cooking Hacks

  1. Grating cheese can be messy. The cheese sticks to the grater, and it crumbles in your hands. To avoid this, try freezing your cheese for half an hour and then grating it.
  2. Microwaves heat up our meals by moving the water around in our food. This usually means pastries get drier in the microwave. However, putting a glass of water next to baked goods in the microwave will stop it from drying out.[i]
  3. Using a spoon to remove seeds from zucchinis and pumpkins means digging your fist into the vegetable. Instead, use an ice cream scoop it has a sharp edge to remove those stubborn seeds.
  4. Spreading hard butter normally results in tearing your bread into bread crumbs. To soften the butter, increase its exposed surface area. Do this by grating it, or cutting it.
  5. When you get egg shells in your egg whites, the best way to get them out is by soaking your fingers in water first allowing you to slip through the egg whites.
  6. Cutting onions can be painful, put them in the freezer before slicing them to keep the fumes away from your eyes and in the onion.[ii]Cutting onions hurts
  7. If you are cooking for kids or yourself, it’s nice to have a little fun with it. When turning liquids into solids like some magician, use cookie cutters they can turn foods like eggs and pancakes into cool shapes like flowers and stars.

Storage Hacks

  1. Tomatoes go bad when too much moisture gets into them, the best way to prolong their life is by placing the stem down at room temperature.[iii]
  2. Bananas go bad when too much ethylene gas gets in. To maintain their lifespan, wrap the stems of the bananas with plastic wrap.[iv]
  3. Plastic wrap is some sick joke brought to you by the same people who invented tangled headphones and hangnails. It gets stuck to itself when you don’t want it to and doesn’t stick to anything when you want to wrap your food. But there’s a solution! Storing plastic wrap in the freezer makes it easier to rip, and it sticks better.
  4. In the summer, flies seem unable to find food anywhere but your fruit bowl. Thankfully shower caps were invented, drape it over your bowl to keep flies out.
  5. Towels seem to be on the floor, and small objects are always lost in the depths of your drawers. Fasten hooks on the insides of cupboards; you can either hang baskets to store small objects, or drape towels right over the hooks, so they are out of the way and not on the dirty floor.
  6. Sometimes you are playing Tetris in your cupboards, strategically stacking every object like a Tupperware brick layer. A good solution is to place wire shelves within the cabinet to store the same number of objects without balancing them on each other.
  7. Knife blocks are clunky, and most of us only use three knives, so having a block with eight different slots is unnecessary. Instead, fasten a magnetic strip to your wall to store knives without using counter space.

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Cleaning Hacks

  1. Counter space is limited and gets gross. To maintain the beauty of your cookbook, use a clothes hanger with clips on it to hang your cookbook at eye level and out of the way.
  2. Cast iron rusts when you use soap and water on it. Instead, use table salt on the metal to scrape off oils and gunk.Rusty Cast Iron
  3. To see the shine your silverware once wore, use vinegar and water to clean it.
  4. Wooden chopping boards are one of the most abused objects in the home; they are a Petri dish of your last meal. To remove odors and dirt, use coarse salt, then wipe it with half a lemon.
  5. Food that goes through the microwave is very temperamental. It sprays and flings itself against the walls of the microwave, painting it unsolicited. To solve this issue after the fact, run the microwave with a soaked sponge inside for a minute to loosen the debris on the walls of your microwave. Then wipe it away. This also disinfects your sponge! You can also replace the sponge with a lemon which will add a nice citrusy smell.
  6. If you’re clumsy, food on the cutting board often ends up on the floor. Putting your cutting board over the sink helps save counter space and gives food somewhere else to fall which means you aren’t stepping on the casualties of your meal, and sinks are easier to clean.
  7. To make your kitchen smell amazing, put two caps of vanilla extract into an oven-proof dish and warm it for an hour at 300°F. Your home will smell delicious!


Every home needs a functional, and welcoming kitchen. These kitchen hacks are some simple ways to make your kitchen more inviting to cook meals for your family and make your life easier so you can spend more time to enjoy their company. For some creative meal prep ideas, check out Meal Prep 101: The Beginner’s Guide.


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