Legalizing marijuana seems a little far fetched, or does it?Hundreds of people all over the United States and Canada are hoping for the legalization of marijuana, however, whether it should or can be done is up to our leaders!

The Current Positioning of Marijuana

marijuana laws america

Currently, cannabis is only legal as a prescription, for medical purposes, the buying and selling of marijuana for recreational use is still completely illegal in Canada (1). In The United States, there are seven states which have fully legalized the buying and selling of marijuana(2), but other states are yet to change their laws.

Although there has been a lot of research into the harmful effects of marijuana, it has been argued that there are many risky side effects associated with alcohol, yet drinking is completely legal! Some may argue that the side effects of alcohol are worse than marijuana, but the laws remain in place. These studies even show that consuming marijuana before driving may increase awareness, allowing you to avoid crashes, but consuming both alcohol and cannabis at the same time makes driving even more dangerous.


It is clear that more research needs to be carried out of cannabis use and driving or taking place in other activities before relevant conclusions can be made. However, the laws regarding the legalization of cannabis do not have a huge amount of research behind them, while alcohol has tons of negative associations. So, why not take a plunge and get it legalized?

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

woman's hands holding leafs of medicine marijuana ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

  • With so many medical uses for marijuana (3), from chemotherapy treatment to Parkinson’s disease, the removal of the prescription to buy and use marijuana will smooth over the whole process of using it medically. People will be able to buy and use as much as they feel needed, giving them more control over their illnesses.
  • Marijuana is not only perfect for many medical purposes, but it is also engrained in American culture! With over 65 million American’s using it occasionally or regularly (4), it seems absurd to keep such a popular and seemingly under-researched aspect of society illegal!
  • It’s an opportunity to modernize people’s views on both marijuana and other drugs, helping move forward international drug treaties!
  • The number of marijuana-related arrests will drop (5)!
  • It will make a LOT of people very, very happy!

Let’s Get It Legalized!

Hey, Mr. President! Listen to this!

With so many people backing the legalization of marijuana in all states, it is clearly an important concept to consider. These people are petitioning for the legalization of marijuana in all aspects of the word ‘legalization.’ Meaning people can purchase the product much like alcohol.


Here is a petition being sent to Barrack Obama that you can sign and send off to show your agreement with the legalization of marijuana.

If you feel like you want to get more involved with the legalization of marijuana, then head on over to The House of Representatives website and find your local congressman to contact and send off a petition! The more people who are signing pieces of paper in agreement, then the more likely marijuana will be legalized.

The government is down to renew their laws regarding marijuana in April 2017, so let’s get this show on the road and encourage our leaders to rethink the status of marijuana.


The following video has more information regarding the decision to legalize cannabis in 2017.

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