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When you suffer from illness, pain or cravings, you’re probably quick to grab for the pain reliever, the antibiotic or the diet pill. But a heavy reliance on these pills and synthetic supplements can have long-term adverse effects on our bodies. Luckily, lemon water is a natural remedy for many painful conditions that is incredibly easy to make.

Please keep in mind you should consult a physician before making significant changes to your diet to treat a condition. If you experience tooth erosion, frequent urination, dehydration or heartburn, stop drinking lemon water.

#1: Acne

A 2011 Study by Korean Cosmetic Scientists found that lemon has a high antimicrobial effect against acne and skin flora. (1) Lemon water is also known to metabolize the body’s acidic environment, which can allow acne to form and spread. So, in addition to drinking lemon water, lemon can be used as a topical treatment for your acne

#2: Alcohol cravings

Lemons are known to flush out harmful toxins and stimulate the digestive system. Lemon water improves the function of the liver and kidneys, by cleansing them of alcoholic molecules. It has been shown that the result of a cleansed digestive system can control the desire to consume alcohol. This is because alcohol cravings are usually brought about by impaired liver function or the overgrowth of bacteria. (2)

#3: Brittle fingernails


Nails can become weak or stained from manicures, smoking, or being picked at and bitten. Lemon juice has been shown to not only whiten nails but also strengthen them when combined with olive oil. (3)

#4: Cold or flu

As lemons are rich in Vitamin C, the immune system boost can weaken the symptoms and hasten recovery for when you have a cold. Its antimicrobial effects can help with nausea that comes with certain strains of flu, and reduce phlegm to ease coughing, sneezing and runny nose. (4)

#5: Colitis

Colitis is inflammation of the colon that can be brought about by excess bacteria. Lemon water as an antibacterial can rid your digestive tract of potentially harmful bacteria while keeping your immune defenses up from parasites and viruses that can cause colitis. Lemon’s acid-reducing capabilities will balance pH levels and balance out alkaline levels.(5)

#6: Fibromyalgia

There are an estimated 10 million Americans that live with fibromyalgia, which can bring about pain, fatigue, and mental fog. (6) Lemon water is shown to increase mental clarity, boost energy and metabolism and reduce headaches and dizziness, which are the primary symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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#7: Food-borne illness

Food poisoning can strike anywhere, from almost any food. Lemon water can prevent foodborne illness by sterilizing the digestive organs, detoxifying the mind and body, and alleviating the pain from compressed vertebrae that can occur with food poisoning.

#8: Gall bladder stones

Lemon juice is high in citric acid as well as vitamin C, which can both dissolve calcium deposits. (7) The antioxidant properties of citric fruit can also combat gallbladder infections. This supports the hypothesis that gallstones can be dissolved and flushed from the gallbladder, reducing the intense pain that can come with the condition.

#9: Gastroesophageal reflux


GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive disorder that upsets the ring of muscle attaching the stomach to the esophagus. This widely affects pregnant women who can suffer acid indigestion and heartburn. (8) Citrus food like lemon can significantly reduce acid reflux. But be careful, drinking too much lemon water can worsen your symptoms

#10: Inflammation

Did you know one of the main causes of tissue inflammation is a pH imbalance in the body? Drinking a cup of lemon water a day, warm or cold, will neutralize acid levels.

#11: Immune system weakness

If you feel that you are getting sick easily, and staying sick for longer, don’t jump for the antibiotics, which have proven to be non-effective as infections have evolved ways to evade the properties of antibiotics. Vitamin C from natural sources such as lemon water is a great way to keep up your defenses during cold and flu season.

#12: Joint pain

Uric acid can cause a great deal of swelling and pain in the joints of muscles. Lemon water can reduce the inflammation that causes joint pain by stabilizing uric acid levels. (9) This has a great effect on people living with arthritis. Patients have reported increased mobility and reduction of swelling in the ankles and knees.

#13: Kidney stones


Lemon is rich in potassium, which prevents the formation oxalate in the kidneys by raising the levels of citrate in the urine. (10) Similar to kidney stones, lemons can dissolve calcium deposits, acting not only as a preventative to kidney stones but also a treatment for it.

#14: Obesity

Obesity affects over one-third of Americans, and the number is growing. Being overweight or obese can result from sugar cravings, low energy, slow metabolism or an overactive appetite. A cup of lemon water, warm or cold in the morning has shown to improve these common causes of being overweight. It is also extremely low in calories.

#15: Sore muscles

Sore muscles after exercise can cause lots of pain but is quickly relieved by drinking lemon water.



Lemon water can act as an effective, natural, low-calorie remedy for minor conditions. As stated, you should not rely on lemon water to cure your treatments and should consult your doctor before trying them. Understand that too much lemon water can have adverse side effects, but when consumed in moderation, the health benefits can be remarkable.

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