Water is great isn’t it. It’s refreshing, cooling, and after a long hot day it’s one of the most delicious things you can get your hands on. Although, you got to ask yourself could water get any better? Well, once you see the benefits of adding lemon to your water, you can be the judge.

Support The Immune System.

The air is full of pollution; food is packed to the brim with harmful chemicals or GMO’s and more viruses, pathogens and germs surround us than ever before. With all these adversaries to your health, your immune system definitely needs all the backup it can get.

One of the most important reasons you should include lemon water into your diet is for the simple fact that it can improve your immune system.

Vitamin C is almost like armor for your immune system. When it goes to war with illness there is nothing more important to your immune system than vitamin C.  The levels of vitamin C that lemon water contains will boost your immune system and help keep you healthy.

Help Digestion.

If you have ever had trouble digesting a meal lemon water might be exactly what you need. Here is a little known fact about lemon water; it actually has an atomic structure that is comparable to hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is what helps our body’s break down food and extract nutrients from food.  Because of its high acidic content lemon water can also help relieve indigestion.

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Lemon water’s digestive effects go much further than just your stomach. Lemon water also helps your digestive tract by encouraging your liver to produce more bile in support of healthy digestion. Lemon water also helps to loosen toxins in the digestive tract helping your body expel them much easier.

Help With Losing Weight.

Losing anything can be a bit sad, except when it comes to excessive weight. There is nothing more gratifying and enjoyable then dropping those last 10 pounds.

It might seem like water is the last thing that can help you with this, but thanks to lemon waters high amount of pectin fiber (which helps fight hunger cravings) you will be more likely to hold to your diet and lose more weight faster.

Freshen Your Breath.

The natural acidic content of lemons helps your mouth clean out odor causing bacteria and induces the production of saliva.  As you sleep your body stays active.

One of the most unpleasant ways your body keeps active is by creating a white film of bacteria and decaying food over your tongue that causes the much dreaded and feared morning breath.

Lemon waters strong acidic content helps to dissolve this white film and eliminate bad breath.

Improve Your Energy.

Although coffee works it is known for causing bad breath and staining teeth. Not worth the energy right? Lemon water could be exactly what you need to help improve your energy. Full of vitamins C, B, proteins, phosphorus and carbohydrates, lemon water helps you stay energized by hydrating your body and providing it with essential nutrients.

The perfect ratio of lemon to water seems to be half of a lemons juice for every cup of water.  Now squeeze, mix, and enjoy.

Source: http://biohealthyliving.com/home-remedies/7-benefits-lemon-water-didnt-know/

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