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These days, we’re struggling with an undeniable epidemic of brain problems.Anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, depression, ADD, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis — the long list of conditions affects nearly everyone in some way.And with more people than ever before battling these brain issues, we have to ask ourselves: why?

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While there are many complex reasons for the decline in brain health in the modern world, let’s talk about what I feel is one of the main culprits.

The Fear Of Fat: Why We’re Missing Out On Crucial Nutrients

For years, fat and cholesterol have been demonized in our diets. Since the latter part of the 20th century, we’ve been told these nutrients would clog our arteries and cause us to gain weight, and we’ve avoided them. Even today this belief remains — but its days are numbered. One 2014 study in the medical journal Neurology found that, contrary to popular belief, there might actually be no association between high total cholesterol and stroke risk.

In fact, other research has shown that low cholesterol may actually increase the likelihood of death. At the same time, some of the many side effects of statins — cholesterol-lowering drugs — include memory loss and brain dysfunction.The truth is that as the fattiest organ in your body, your brain is composed of 60% fat, and as much as 25% of your body’s cholesterol is found in the brain.

So why deprive your brain of the very nutrients it is made of? Consuming cholesterol and fat is critical to the health and function of the brain — but for years we’ve been starving our brain from its favorite food.

Sugar Vs. Fat: What Should You Fuel Your Brain With?

Today the standard Western diet centers around many forms of the very same thing: sugar.From the refined carbohydrates of junk foods to breads, pastas, fruit and juices, sugar makes up most of what we’re eating. But is it the best form of energy for your brain?

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