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You can really love someone so much that you’d be willing to go to the ends of the earth to make them happy. It doesn’t matter what it would take, because as long as there’s something out there that can put a smile on their faces, you’d give everything to bring it to their feet. Yes, that kind of love exists.


If a single flower can make someone happy, think of what a garden overflowing with thousands of beautiful, lovely-smelling flowers would do. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki from Japan have been married for 64 years [1]. The couple owned a dairy farm in Shintomi, Miyazaki, Japan. For 30 years, they toiled and worked hard on their farm, and then it was time to retire. They planned to travel the country and see the world, but they were unable to achieve their dreams when Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight due to complications from diabetes, according to RocketNews24. She was 52 at the time.


The couple was heartbroken, especially Mrs. Kuroki. She was so traumatized that she became reclusive, shutting herself away from the world and spending every hour of every day indoors. She was suffering greatly, and so her loving husband decided to do something that would cheer her up forever. If Mrs. Kuroki could no longer see the world, her husband was determined to bring the world to her. 

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A thousand roses I would give to you, just to see you smile

Mr. Kuroki had a small garden of pink shibazakura flowers that people would often stop to admire. His wife had loved the flowers as well, and even though he knew she would not be able to see them, he decided to plant more flowers all over the field on their dairy farm. He hoped their wonderful fragrance would make her happy and she would find joy knowing that she’s surrounded by thousands of blooming little flowers planted with so much love.

Luckily, Mr. Kuroki’s plan was a hit. For two years, he gradually filled the garden with pink shibazakura flowers. At the end of his planting spree, there were thousands of flowers everywhere. The small dairy farm that had formerly held about 60 cows had been transformed into a major tourist attraction in Miyazaki. When the flowers are in bloom every spring, not less than 7,000 visitors flock to the garden each day to admire the wonderful scene. From neighboring towns, cities, and even other countries, people come in to admire the pink garden inspired by a powerful love story.


He really did bring the world to his wife.

Lots of people who visit the garden also want to meet the lovely Mrs. Kuroki. When the flowers are in bloom, she can often be seen walking around the garden with a big smile on her face, meeting people and socializing. For her husband, this is what matters the most. 

If you’re ever in Japan, you should go visit them. They’ll inspire you to love with everything you’ve got.

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