It is well known that type 2 diabetes can lead to obesity due to elevated blood sugar levels, however this isn’t the only health complication it has. It can be accompanied by other health problems like poor vision, weakness, kidney failure, heart disease, hypertension, and nerve damage.

Lifestyle changes and improving your diet has to be the first step to getting better, however there are other supplements, herbs and natural remedies that can help. One addition is mango leaves, which are full of benefits for diabetics.

Why Mango Leaves Work

Mango leaves are full of active compounds that control the symptoms of diabetes. They include:

  • Caffeic acid which helps lower glucose
  • Mangiferin which lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Flavonoids help reduce the occurrence of Type-2 diabetes and can prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Gallic acid reduces the risk of heart attacks in Type-1 diabetes

3 Benefits of Mango Leaves

  1. Blood sugar control

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Managing blood sugar is the best way to manage diabetes. Mango leaves improve glucose distribution which lowers blood sugar.

  1. Cholesterol check

High cholesterol damages your heart. Mango leaves are rich in pectin, vitamin C and fiber which lower cholesterol.

  1. Diabetic retinopathy prevention

Retinopathy is a disease of the retina that can result in loss of vision or even blindness. It’s a direct result of uncontrolled blood sugar. The high amount of vitamin A in mango leaves supports good eye health.

How to Use Them

  1. Boil water, then place 10-15 fresh mango leaves inside
  2. Leave them to cool overnight
  3. Strain and consume the mango leaves tea before eating or drinking anything else in the morning
  4. Repeat daily for 2-3 months

The results will take some time to show, but have patience and your diabetes will become more manageable before you know it!

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