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Take Glamping to the Next Level with This mansion-like Tent That’s Bigger than Most Apartments

Camping is pure fun – more so when you add a bit of “glamour” to it, hence, glamping. While there’s nothing wrong with connecting directly with nature once in a while, under the stars and close to the earth, you may want to have a less stressful and more relaxing experience.

These apartment-like tents were custom-made for people like us who are obsessed with our space. Claustrophobic people usually have to sleep under the sky or avoid camping trips completely because most tents are just too tiny. Even for people who aren’t claustrophobic, the discomfort can discourage us from experiencing the great things camping can offer. 

Big family tents are nothing new, but Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent can comfortably house up to 11 people with its mind-blowing 13 by 27 feet dimension. Cabela’s came up with the design about 20 years ago and has been steadily improving its performance and appearance. This tent is multi-purpose and can be used for everything from camping and hunting trips to barbecue parties and even game nights [1].

The home away from home – literally.

The tent is highly durable and wear-resistant, sporting a “waterproof 250-denier polyester-oxford X-Treme Tent Cloth” fully highly breathable and resistant to UV damage. If it’s not dangerously stormy, don’t be scared to use the tent in a rainy season. It can take a good beating and still stand strong and firm. For protection during high winds, the tent has 10 include perimeter poles, one exterior pole, and two center support poles. It’s as sturdy as they come. 

A stunning feature is the extra-tall 5 ft. sidewalls that supply more headroom and eliminate nearly every chance of claustrophobia. 

The tent has two areas with separate exits divided by a wall. You can fit about 10 camping beds in the main area and a few more in the interior room. The exits are protected by awnings attached to the roof that direct runoff water away from the tent floor. 

The tent features three large multi-panel windows with zippered covers that allow occupants to enjoy the scenery from all angles without having to leave the tent. It also has a clear vinyl window and a mesh-covered screen off to one side for increased ventilation.

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All the comforts you could ever need

Cabela’s thought everything out with this one as they included a stove jack covered by a storm flap on the floor. You can bring your stove into the tent and not worry about damaging the material. This feature takes the glamping experience to another level since you get to cook indoors and enjoy the good life while still connecting with nature.

The sidewalls are fitted with fold-down shelves that include patented cup-holders and plenty of storage space to hold all kinds of gear, which include hunting gear, sports gear, and even cookware.

The tent is all 127 pounds of luxurious comfort. As expected, it takes quite a considerable amount of tie to set up, and would usually require more than one pair of hands. 

It currently sells for $1,499.99 on Cabela’s website. It may be well into the pricey side, but it’s an investment worth making if you’re planning to camp with large groups. 

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