There’s one subject that has been taboo for way too long and we need to change that right now.

Female masturbation! Women don’t talk about it nearly as much as they should and society has somehow put it in our heads that women shouldn’t touch their bodies sexually.

Why the double standard? Men commonly do it with very little shame. Well, I think it’s about time we stand up and say, “Hey, women’s sexual desires are just as important!”


If not for the equality of the matter, then for all of the amazing health benefits of masturbation. Beside the hormonal balancing that takes place during any physical pleasure, including arousal and orgasm, masturbation has some excellent effects on our bodies.

Next time you have a girl’s night, don’t be afraid to bring up the subject and share the knowledge of how great masturbation can be! Your friends will surely thank you for all the great advice and encouragement.

Female Masturbation Health Benefits

1. Stress Relief

Taking some much needed ‘me-time’ can significantly reduce stress. Orgasm actually helps your body release oxytocin hormones, the love hormones, which lowers cortisol hormones, the stressful bad hormone.

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And when women reduce stress, they also reduce the risk of stress eating and can promote weight loss. Talk about some real self-lovin’!

2. Helps You Sleep

There’s no denying it, this can be annoying after sex with your partner. But it works out quite well when you’re enjoying an evening to yourself and need to catch up on some sleep!

The mix of hormones released, such as dopamine and oxytocin, at climax result in that lovely afterglow that gently soothe you sleep.

3. Strength


That’s right, it’s a workout! Orgasm helps strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscle. Those lifts and contracts that aid sexual satisfaction are actually your muscles hard at work, resulting in the best feeling exercise you’ve ever had.

4. Cervical Health

It’s been widely researched that masturbation for men can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Now, the same links are being made for female masturbation (about time!).

Regular masturbation helps move out any unwanted bacteria or organisms that can cause infection.

5. Heart Health


It’ll definitely cure a lonely heart, but masturbation also has some serious heart healthy benefits.

Many studies have shown female masturbation helps build a resistance to coronary heart disease. And when you experience regular orgasm, you actually lower the risk of type-2 diabetes.

6. Relieves Cramps

Masturbation and sex relieve cramps. So there should be no reason to stop during that time of the month! It’s healthy and will stop the pain quickly so you can enjoy your week without suffering.

7. Mood Enhancer

It just plain makes you feel good! Masturbation instantly improves mood and adds that little spring to your step. The mix of hormones released before, during, and after climax all build up to one giant mood-booster keeping you happy even during the winter depression.

To learn more about the great ways masturbation could help you, head over to All Women’s Talk.

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