You probably don’t need a lecture when it comes to whether or not you should eat McDonald’s, but I also won’t pretend that even the best of us sometimes cave. You’re running late, it’s the only thing open, you’ll get a salad, or your kids are begging for it… sometimes you just wind up at McDonald’s.

Maybe this information will help you steer clear for good!


This isn’t McDonald’s first recall, and I’m quite sure it won’t be their last.

It all started when some poor McDonald’s customers noticed something very un-chicken like in their “chicken” nuggets. It turns out that, along with the overly processed breading and chicken within the nugget, there was also a surprise visit from actual plastic! Hoorah!

In the past, McDonald’s customers have experienced an array of disturbing, unintentional ingredients in their meals, including dead mice and human teeth. In this particular case, there was a piece of vinyl found in a chicken nugget, spurring a recall of over 1 million nuggets worldwide.


All I can say is, if there was enough time for one person to have a chicken nugget from this flawed batch, what’s to say that others haven’t already consumed these dangerous nuggets as well?

What if a child choked in this vinyl? What if the vinyl was from the manufacturing and processing factory where it sat for years collecting bacteria, mouse feces and other toxic chemicals?

If mice, teeth and plastic can wind up in McDonald’s meals, and this is only the stuff they’re failing to hide… think about all the stuff they’re successfully hiding from us; things yaou can’t see with the naked eye! Bacteria, chemicals, poison, preservatives, tortured animals, hormone pumped animals, GMO products… I think you get the hint.

Recently, McDonald’s was hit with even more (deserved) backlash when their meat provider was accused of repackaging and sending out expired meats.

Oh great, so their hormone filled, tortured, plastic, processed meat is expired too!

Give yourselves a pat on the back McDonald’s, thanks for feeding America…. NOT.

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