The dreaded monthly visit that we all know and hate. Despite the fact that it makes you want to feast on all the junk food in your house and turn into a recluse of some sort… there are ways to fight back!

Sometimes giving your period a piece of your mind comes down to the food you choose to eat!

Foods to Eat on Your Period

1. Dark, Rich Colored Food

In this case, green means go (and so does red)! Eat foods that are deep, rich colors because that usually indicates that they are full of vitamins and minerals. Most importantly, deep, rich colored vegetables are often high in iron, which women are generally low on during their period.

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Colorful vegetables are even more important for those of you who are vegetarians or vegans! Since you cannot get your iron from red meat you must get enough veggies!

2. Red Meat

For those of you who can eat meat, try to have a serving of red meat every time you’re on your period. There is no better source of pure iron than in red meat. Make sure you buy organic, farm raised meats!

3. Seafood

Seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent muscle relaxants! When you’re dealing with the cramps and back pain brought on by your period, seafood can really lend a helping hand. Salmon, tuna, scallops, sardines, lobster, and muscles are all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids!

4. Legumes

Also jam packed with iron, legumes are great for that time of the month. Bonus: legumes also have a lot of fiber, which will help you stay regular!

5. Nuts and Seeds

These are also full of omega-3 fatty acids and they’re a little easier to snack on than seafood! So instead of stuffing your face with chips, have a handful of almonds or walnuts!

6. Fruit

Fruits have sugar, fiber and essential vitamins. The sugar in fruit is natural, healthy sugar that will improve your mood and keep you from binging on simple carbohydrates like bread and processed sugars.

7. Water

Yes, I know… water is not a food, but it is so, so important! When you’re on your period you can easily become dehydrated and when you’re dehydrated your headaches, cramps, aches and pains can become worse than usual!

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