What method of cooking vegetables do you use? Or do you keep them raw?

Science says you might be doing it wrong when it comes to getting the most out of your veggies.

“Some produce is most nutritious uncooked, while other kinds need heat to bring out the best in them,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian out of Chicago.


Here’s how you should be doing it!


Stay raw.

When you cook beets, they lose over 25% of their folate, a B vitamin good for the brain. Eat them raw and you’ll be able to preserve the compound your cardiovascular health and nervous system.


Stay raw.

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Onions contain phytonutrient allicin which helps bust your hunger. But when you cook them, your body doesn’t absorb as much, leaving you hungry for more. Keep them raw by adding them to a cold salad or sandwich.


Cook it.

They are especially beneficial steamed, which ignites asparagus’ cancer-fighting potential. So even when you wrap it in bacon, you can feel healthier with a steamed veggie.


Cook it.


Your body will be able to benefit from more calcium, magnesium, and iron when you cook spinach. I wonder if Popeye knew that!


Stay raw.

Adding heat will only deactivate the enzyme that helps clean our liver of carcinogens, myrosinase. I also found it easier to eat raw broccoli as a kid anyway. Maybe your child will like it better and soak up all of the benefits of raw broccoli.

Red Peppers

Stay raw.

Anything above 375F will break down the vitamin C in red peppers. But when raw, they hold more vitamin than an orange!


Cook it.


It doesn’t matter how you cook them, just cook them! My favourite is a grilled mushroom. Heating this vegetable up will provide more potassium to keep your muscles strong.


Cook it.

More lycopene, a cancer-fighting compound, enters body when you eat cooked tomatoes. This includes heating them up in a pasta sauce.



Cook it.

Add the heat to carrots to keep their beneficial beta-carotene intact. Our body then converts this into vitamin A which helps us see at night.

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