Posted on: April 7, 2015 at 7:44 pm
Last updated: September 20, 2017 at 3:54 pm

In a word, yes. Yes they do.

Dr. William Moar, one of Monsanto’s scientists, accidentally shed light on the shadowy department at a recent talk for prospective interns. Asked about how Monsanto is combatting “bad science” that claims its products are incredibly harmful for our health, Dr. Moar responded by claiming there was “an entire department” devoted to discrediting the claims of other scientists and health organizations.


Of course, the fact that this Discredit Bureau or Duping Department is not referenced anywhere on Monsanto’s website and has never been mentioned before, will surprise no one. A secret department whose sole purpose is to keep profits flowing no matter the cost, isn’t really something they would like to advertise.

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Who has something to explain?

Funnily enough, one of Monsanto’s vice-presidents, Phillip Miller, has recently defended the company against allegations from the World Health Organization that a chemical in their flagship herbicide, glyphosate, is highly carcinogenic. “We question the quality of the assessment. The WHO has something to explain,” he said in a recent interview.

But it seems like Monsanto is really the one who has something to explain here. The WHO is an organization devoted to promoting and protecting health worldwide. It has a proven track record of putting our health first. It has nothing to gain from making false claims.


Monsanto, on the other hand, has billions of dollars to lose. They currently dominate the GMO seed market and have invested heavily in making sure they stay there. Now we know that investment includes creating a department devoted to discrediting scientists and duping America.

A secret department of bought scientists working tirelessly to undermine the efforts of well-intentioned individuals and organizations around the world—I think that’s going to be a hard for Monsanto to explain.

To read more about the incident and details about glyphosate, you can check out

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