Posted on: February 15, 2018 at 10:41 am

The day of love (Valentine’s day) isn’t the only significant holiday to celebrate in February. In fact, there is one specific event that has since occurred in 1999, which was 18 years ago and will again happen on February 15, 2018. This specific day will be the day of a black moon.

What Is a Black Moon?


You’ve probably heard of a full moon plenty of times in the past but how about a black moon? This particular term is likely being heard for the first time because like we said, it’s happened 18 years ago and again today.

A black moon is the absence of a full moon this February as a result of the lengths of the lunar cycles. With a black moon, two full moons happen in January and March instead. If you remember, the super blood blue moon lunar eclipse just occurred this past month on January 31st, and that foreshadowed a black moon this month.

How Does a Black Moon Affect Our Lives?

Traditionally, a black moon represented the end of human existence and life on earth. But these days, it’s been given a new meaning that affects our zodiacs and the way we live our lives.

A black moon calls for a time to reflect. They say that in February, we are drawn towards quietness and the obscure.

“It’s a time for quiet conversations with those we love to figure out where to go from here, and for those moments where we decide to look at ourselves in the mirror.”

With January wrapping up as being quite an eventful month for most people especially with personal relationships, this February is meant for taking a step back and if possible, relinquish control over things that are out of our hands.

They say that this lunar season will be filled with strong emotions coming from all facets of life and this month when a black moon happens, we’re called to calm down and look at our situation for opportunities of growth. This can only happen when we allow change and give it time to manifest. In turn, “we will be gently held and supported by the universe to not only heal but also grow.”

We are reminded that in a season of what feels like heartache and brokenness, the universe is working behind the scenes to make our situations better. We just have to be patient and reflect during this time.

“During these few dark weeks of February, everything will be changing, even if it appears that nothing is at all.”



So, if you feel that you’ve had an extremely tough January, use this black moon season to look at your situation with optimism and set this month as your time of self-reflection and know that the events in your life are changing without you realizing it. After all, it’s a time of manifestation. Also, use this time to grow and make changes in the following month once you’ve gotten a greater perspective after your time of peace.


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