Posted on: November 26, 2018 at 2:37 pm

Early on in life, most people learn – directly or indirectly – that bullying can affect everyone. Whether someone is the victim of bullying, the person bullying or a bystander, everyone plays a part.

Depending on your upbringing, the consequences of bullying vary. Some parents will sit their child down and explain how and why their actions were wrong, whereas others opt for a more hands-on approach.


At least that’s what one mother did after finding out her daughter made fun of a bald cancer patient. In the viral video below, you can see the mother punishing her daughter by forcibly shaving her head.

However, another story has accompanied the same video claiming that mother shaved her daughter’s head after finding inappropriate pictures of her on Facebook.

According to, (1)

“It is still unclear for us which language is being spoken, but we can clearly state that the daughter and the mother both need some serious help. It is not a normal method to shave your daughter bald after she has performed something bad.

Yes, what the daughter has done is not good for anybody, but the reaction of the mother will only make the situation worse.”

Regardless of which story (if either) is the real one, Snopes makes a good point. Namely, that “neither version of the video was accompanied by anything (other than repetition) documenting that the proffered back story was true.” (2)

In the video, both mother and daughter are speaking Portuguese. Some Snopes staff even asked credible translators if they could decipher any of what was said.

Apparently, they had numerous of responses, e.g., “See what happens when you laugh at people with cancer,” “See what happens with your brother,” and other slightly varied versions. (2)


Seeing something like this is quite alarming – and the majority of viewers agreed. As reported by Daily Mail, one Facebook user wrote, “That went a bit too far.” Another said: “It always starts at home. And parents need to stop posting their children’s humiliation on the Internet.” (3)

Now, bullying is always wrong – especially when it concerns someone who is fighting for their life. Some people believe that a consequence like the one the daughter got is an act of bullying in and of itself. So, do you think the mother did the right thing or acted too harshly?

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