Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 8:13 pm
Last updated: February 15, 2019 at 5:46 pm

The nap is mightier than caffeine.

Long nights and drowsy mornings are as close as the numbers 5 and 6. Nearly everyone who stays up at night and has to get to work in the morning can relate to this. Espresso machines have become a strong pillar of nearly every office building across the world. Coffee is best taken during the morning hours, but it’s better to ditch it in the afternoon and get a little shut-eye. It can make you tense, restless, jittery, and disrupt your sleep patterns [1].


What then can replace coffee? People have to stay awake and alert

If you’re having a hard time staying alert at the office, a nap is exactly what you need. Short naps during the day help to improve mental alertness, even better than long bouts of sleep [2]. A 2015 study shows that naps can help to boost the immune system by reversing the effects of sleep deprivation [3]. Naps are refreshing, and thankfully, they don’t have any side effects. Despite this, it’s still important to try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Unfortunately, unlike coffee consumption, the office isn’t exactly designed to suit nap-time activities. Taking a nap in your chair with your head on the desk is downright uncomfortable. You also won’t see many people sporting mattresses, pillows, or beddings in their office either.

Greek designer, Nancy Leivaditou, of Studio NL recently came up with an ingenious furniture design to solve this issue. While working and studying in New York, she experienced this alertness issue, so she decided to do something about it. She designed a multipurpose desk that can morph into a bed on activation. It even has a built-in T.V if you want a non-sleep break. The desk isn’t just for office use, it’s also perfect for the home space.

This wonderful piece of furniture is 2 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, which has earned it the name, 1.6 S.M. of Life Desk [4].  It’s not yet available for retail, but they’re working on it.

How is it converted?

The upper layer is a sturdy piece of lacquered wood, and there’s a mattress hinged up on one side. The two sides that would accommodate the head and feet are boarded up by plywood, which can be reclined as desired.


It’s easy to convert. All you have to do is slide the top board backward from your sitting position. This would allow you to push back the hinged mattress and voila! You have yourself a nice, spacious bed to turn in for a nap [9].

Word of advice: Ensure to always set your alarm before turning in (or in this case, turning under). This bed will probably get too comfortable at times. You wouldn’t want to sleep 8 hours straight in your workplace.


Stacy Robertson
Writer and researcher
Stacy Robertson is a writer and researcher with a B.A and an M.A in English Studies, and a strong will to literally touch all areas of life especially health by her own chosen form of artistic expression. Stacy has authored several articles on a range of different topics concerning nutrition plans and diet benefits for different kinds of people.

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