Posted on: December 15, 2015 at 12:06 pm
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J.D. Moore first started experiencing asthma symptoms later on in life. He first started experiencing the symptoms at 32. He’s chest would tighten and he found it difficult to catch his breath. Moore’s symptoms began affecting his life. His breathing became so bad that he found it difficult to sleep. “At times I felt helpless and depressed.  Would I ever breathe normally?  At other times I felt determined — I would figure out a way to improve my health and quality of life.” In order to deal with his asthma Moore tried everything!

What He Tried


Moore really wanted to find a cure and was willing to try everything! He tried an extensive amount of prescription drugs that are commonly prescribed to those who suffer with asthma, but found that most of them did not work or that the negative side effects far outweighed the small relief he would get. He even tried supplements such as vitamin C, B6, Magnesium and more.

While he found that some were helpful he wanted more than momentary relief and decided they were not the cure he was looking for. So he went on to modify his diet. “At various times I tried eliminating dairy products, all caffeine, red meat, wheat, red wine, all alcohol, nuts, and a number of other foods and categories of food.”

While this too worked momentarily it wasn’t the cure. Moore even went on to try a breathing technique known as the Buteyko method. A breathing technique to help slow your breathing and boost CO2 level in your blood stream, but the technique is extremely difficult.

The Miracle Cure

After experimenting with so many different methods of relief, Moore had become frustrated. Then he discovered the Paleo diet. He cut out all grains, legumes, cow’s milk and processed food, and began to eat animal protein, fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables with generous amount of olive oil, butter and nuts. “The effects of this dietary experiment were dramatic.  My asthma symptoms virtually disappeared, and I lost an additional ten pounds of fat and retained water.”


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