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In November of 1994, Marge Henderson died of cancer. Her death left her husband Bill devastated; it is also led Bill to embark on a full-time career dedicated to researching natural cancer treatments.

According to Bill, his wife Marge did not die of cancer. He felt that the chemo, which was being used to treat her, destroyed her immune system, preventing her from overcoming her cancer. In his research, Bill found dozens of alternative cancer treatments that were proven to be effective, safe and painless; the type of treatment his wife was never lucky enough to receive.


Bill’s Natural Cancer Treatment Success

It took many years, but Bill has gone on to help over 3,000 people in over 74 countries. Bill’s treatment is a gentle, non-toxic and low-cost system. It includes a simple diet and supplement regimen that helps reverse cancer in 6-8 weeks.

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His system has a 90% successes rate and costs $5.15 a day, and is based on simple oxygenating food combination. According to Bill, “this food has cured more Stage IV cancers than any other cure he has come across.”

According to Henderson, cancer is caused by what we put in our bodies and we should be able to reverse it the same way.

He advises to reduce toxins as much as possible and to get rid of the toxins in your body that have been built up over the years. Henderson was able to turn his tragedy into something meaningful, by giving cancer patients a chance to beat their deadly prognosis in a simple and inexpensive way.



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