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Everyone likes to take pride in a nice, clean house. Being able to clean, deodorize, and give your house a nice, fresh scent is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? Although it would be great to go out and buy some cleaning products to use in your home, a large number of these products can actually be expensive and harmful to your health. Everyone wants to keep their families safe, so people are always on the lookout for new, cheaper ways to clean house without all the harsh chemicals. Well look no further! Below are a few natural cleaning recipes that will have your home spotless in no time and for a lot less money!

Homemade, Natural Cleaners for Your Home

Homemade Toilet Cleaner

natural cleaners, homemade cleaners, toilet cleaner natural

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One of the first places that people turn to when they are planning to clean house is the bathroom. Luckily Emily from Live Renewed understands our plight and wants to help us out! And to sweeten the pot, Emily offered two cleaning recipes for both a heavy-duty job and everyday use. If simply looking for casual toilet-bowl cleaning, mix vinegar with a few drops of an essential oil and put in a spray bottle. All you have to do is spray it on your seats and in the bowl and wipe or scrub. If you have something a bit more serious on your hands, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda and a couple drops of an essential oil. After that, pour some vinegar into the bowl. Immediately, take the toilet scrubber and start working on the toilet bowl.

DIY Glass Cleaner

natural cleaners, homemade cleaners, glass cleaner

No one likes a dirty window or mirror! Window always bring extra light and life to your house and they make everything look ten times better! Rather than going out and spending money of a store-brand window cleaner, Good Housekeeping gives us another alternative to cleaning the house windows and mirrors. All you need is some water, vinegar (white cider), rubbing alcohol, and the essential oil with the scent of your choice (Good Housekeeping used orange). Spray this on your windows and mirrors and your glass will look marvelous!

Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner

natural cleaners, homemade cleaners


Another section of the house that is also a target area for those who are wanting to start doing a little bit of major cleaning is the kitchen. Thanks to everyday meals, school projects, fundraisers, and various holidays, the kitchen can easily become one of the dirtiest spots in the entire house! And one of the most notorious parts of the kitchen is the oven – all kinds of things go in and out of the contraption, making it easy for things to spill and drill, leaving all kinds of muck and residue behind after the fact. Hilary from Accidentally Green has just the solution! According to Hilary, all you have to do is remove all the remains you can from the bottom of the stove, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven, pour vinegar on top of that, then either scrub away or turn on the oven to melt some of the gunk and then scrub – it all depends on how tough of a job it is. At the end of the work, your oven will look brand new!

Chemical-Free Floor Cleaner

homemade cleaners, natural cleaners

Next on our clean house list is the floors! Most people like to use household cleaners they can purchase from the store, but who wants to buy that stuff when you could purchase ingredients for double that amount at a cheaper price! Stephanie, the woman behind Keeper of the Home, brought in Stacy Karen, who has an awesome floor cleaner recipe for us to use when we start our own big cleaning projects! All you need is a gallon of water, a few tablespoons of that good ‘ole Castille Soap,and a few drops of essential oil. If you have a greasy floor, combine all three ingredients, plus some vinegar. Dunk your mop in and get to work! You will wind up with beautiful floors!

Now, all of your worries about dangerous and toxic material getting to your family have hopefully melted away! If you add up the costs of the ingredients for these cleaners and compare them to the cost of a cleaning product from the store, you will see that you have actually saved yourself some money! A number of the cleaning ingredients necessary for the cleaners above actually are universal, so you will not have to pay for any extra or unnecessary ingredients! Save time and money with these simple and easy household cleaners – your home and the people in it will thank you kindly for it!


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