In the world of gardening there is one common enemy. Pesky garden bugs that find it necessary to tear up your beautiful garden have been tormenting gardeners for years. With the lack of appropriate bug sprays out in the market, many gardeners have turned to creating their own homemade bug spray for natural pest control. This spray is sure to produce excellent results.

The limited amount of sprays solid in stores has been detrimental to the production of quality gardens across the country. But you do not have to fear any longer! I understand the problems that pesky bugs have had on many gardens. That is why I am happy to introduce a recipe that has been adapted to meet your needs.

Here are the ingredients you need to use:

-3 c. of mint leaves and stems


-2 small squirts of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

-2 whole heads of garlic separate the cloves and make sure to peel them

-2 tablespoons of dry cayenne pepper

Follow these directions for the best possible results:

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1. Pulse the garlic and mint in a food processor for a few seconds.

2. Then you must transfer the garlic-mint mix, which you have created, into a pot of 12 cups of water. After that you can add the cayenne.


3. Then you have to boil the water. Once the water has been boiled remove from the heat and let it sit overnight.

4. Strain the mixture into spray bottles, or a garden sprayer, and add two small squirts of dish soap. Then you must shake the mixture to mix all the ingredients together.

Prior to using your new organic spray make sure to follow these instructions:

– Shake your mixture very well before using.


– Spray the leaves of affected plants from top to bottom. Do this on a cloudy day, or later in the evening, for the best results. It also does not allow for the plants to burn in the sun having been sprayed initially.

– Wait a couple of days before checking for proper results. You may need to only spray once, but incase you are unsatisfied spray your garden again.

This organic spray will be sure to produce results. After about 4 weeks and 2 more sprays, if you feel it’s necessary, the affected plants will begin to look as good as new. I want to once again reiterate that this spray is very beneficial to your garden, and will not cause any damage to your plants.

I’m sure a lot of people will speculate as to whether or not this actually works, but I can assure you that it will produce results. Not to mention that it is still worth a try in comparison to using chemically induced solutions to pesky garden bugs.

Don’t let your garden suffer anymore. Treat it with organic solutions, like this, that will ensure better results. Put an end to the damage that pesky garden bugs have been known to dish out.

If you want to know more about this natural pest control visit An Oregon Cottage.

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