Money, health, family, fitness, relationships… you name it, we’re all faced with plenty of stresses every day, week, month and year. The trick is getting to know your body well enough to stay on top of the stress because we all know the power it can have over our life!

Natural Stress Remedies

1. Green Tea

This may seem overused and tired but there’s a reason everyone tells you to drink green tea everyday… because it works. There are amino acids in green tea called L-theanine and they help reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Because of this, many people have found that its excellent during an anxiety attack and it even helps curb daily stress if you consume it daily.

 2. Lemon Balm

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Used since the Middle Ages, lemon balm has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. In studies, it was proven that those who took lemon balm on a regular basis were more calm and alert, and had better sleeping habits than those who didn’t take lemon balm.

Make sure you follow directions with lemon balm and start with the smallest recommended dosage. You can consume it as a tea, capsule and tincture.

 3. Exercise

No getting out of this one! Exercise is proven to absolutely improve anxiety and relieve stress. Exercise is one of the purest forms that our body can eliminate the jitters that are caused from stress. When your body produces endorphins you become a much happier person and you’re self esteem will sky rocket (this really helps you overcome stress).

Working out also eliminates the stress that you’re not healthy enough! Woohoo!

 4. Mindset

Never forget that this too shall pass. The worst thing you can do it catastrophize everything that’s going on in your life. Take a breath, shut your eyes, count to 100 and then carry on.

There’s a reason we call it an “anxiety attack” – it hits you like a brick wall. Your mind gravitates towards one thing and then from there it’s a slippery slope that’s nearly impossible to climb out of. Take a walk, focus on the task and hand and breath… you’ll get through this.

 5. Heat

If all else fails… get hot! Run a bath with Epsom salts, go to a sauna or a steam room or take a hot yoga class. Heating up your body reduces tension in your muscles and relieves anxiety.

Even sitting in front of a space heater or fire will make your alter neural circuits change your mood. These neurons will release serotonin and your anxiety and stress will be drastically reduced.

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