Are you a night owl? Studies have shown that many people who like to stay up late may not have a choice in the matter anyways. In a lot of cases, night owls, meaning night people, have a higher tendency to develop certain health risks.

Prime examples of these dangerous health risks include Type 2 diabetes. This disease can be largely found in young males who feel the need to stay up late. Young women who tend to stay up at night have been associated with more belly fat and a higher risk of metabolic syndrome.

What causes this phenomenon?

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Studies conducted by the Korea University College of Medicine revealed that 6% of night owls tend to have higher levels of fat. 30% of people were recorded in the middle, they are not night people per say.

So why is it that younger people tend to stay up late? Don’t they realize the potentially health problems that it could cause? Like mentioned before these people mostly likely don’t even realize why they stay up so late.

If you are someone who smokes, eats or drinks a lot you may experience these problems as well. All of these factors can contribute to the amount of sleep you get and when you decide to go to bed. For example, next time you want to get to bed early avoid eating later in the day.

Change things up

There are many other reasons why you could be finding it hard to get to sleep early. But chances are that these major reasons could be what are holding you back. Try doing something new tonight and record the results.

As for the young people out there, the no sleep thing you think is cool will catch up to you one day. Take advantage of your youth; don’t waste it at night lying down in bed staring at you phones. Make the necessary changes you need to ensure a healthy mind and healthy body.

For more information on why you may or may not be a night owl visit IFL Science.

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