Did you know that almost 1/3 of the food we eat each day relies on the pollination of bees and other insects?

When there is a risk to pollinating species, there is a risk posed to our food supply.


Have you had any of the following foods recently?

– Avocado
– Asparagus
– Broccoli
– Celery
– Squash
– Cucumbers
– Citrus fruits
– Cherries
– Kiwis
– Peaches
– Cranberries
– Melons

Well, then you’ve been eating foods that are dependent on pollination!

Recently, a study was conducted with a drastic decline in honey bee populations around the world. It illustrated that when the bee population is down, there is less pollination occurring and thus less crop yield!


Bacterias, climate change, deforestation and pesticides are to blame for the decline in the honey bee population worldwide.

When people don’t have access to the right fruits and vegetables, they are vulnerable to many vitamin deficiencies; most alarming is a vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiencies cause over 800 000 death in women and children worldwide each year, and this deficiency can make people far more vulnerable to diseases such as malaria, measles and diarrhea.

The honey bee is a perfect illustration of the intricate balance that is required to maintain life on this earth! Humans may be at the top of the food chain but we are entirely dependent on these small, delicate, hard working creatures.

So the next time you swat at a burdensome bee outside on your patio, remember all the amazing things they do for you and let it be!

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