Posted on: April 30, 2015 at 11:56 pm
Last updated: October 31, 2017 at 11:27 am

You probably always thought that smoking marijuana could cause weight gain with food cravings and excessive eating. But new research is saying the complete opposite.

Researchers in the UK at GW Pharmaceuticals found two separate compounds in cannabis leaves that actually increase the amount of energy being burned in the body.

Even while you’re relaxing in front of the computer, or maybe just spacing out and staring blankly at the wall, your body will be hard at work keeping you fit like you’re at the gym.

Tested Obesity Drugs


GW Pharmaceuticals studied the drug on animals and found that the marijuana compounds helped treat type 2 diabetes and lowered cholesterol levels.

The compounds also decreased fatty tissue in vital organs like the liver, kidney, heart, and lungs. It basically turns unhealthy, fatty organs into healthy ones.

The pharmaceutical company is now conducting human trials in 200 test patients to make the perfect pill for a wide variety of illnesses.

“Humans have been using these plants for thousands of years,” said Dr. Steph Wright, research director at GW Pharmaceuticals, “so we have quite a lot of experience of the chemicals in the plants.”

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Scientists hope to create a drug from the compounds to treat metabolic syndrome, a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity that ends in suffering from heart disease and even stroke.

Cannabis for All


GW Pharmaceuticals is already working on cannabis-based drugs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

They have also discovered that the compounds THCV and cannabidiol actually suppress your appetite. The compounds have always been thought to increase the need for snacking, but this has been disproved from clinical trials.

Test mice also saw a boost in metabolism which led to lower cholesterol in the blood and decreased fat in the liver.

Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism, Does It Get Any Better?


Well yes, it does! Medical marijuana is already often used to treat chronic pain and stress. Its calming abilities may be able to also reduce weight gain from stress.

The infographic below takes into account how often a person uses marijuana and multiple demographic factors. The results are lower BMI’s, lower insulin levels, and smaller waists.

Take a look for yourself at how cannabis could be treating diabetes and obesity.


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