Butter…it’s one of those everyday ingredients that’s almost always overlooked. Unfortunately most butter bought in grocery stores is full of toxins and not organic. We will show you how to make a fast, natural and organic butter recipe at home!

But first, let’s learn a little bit about butter (try saying that really fast!).

What is Butter?

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Organic butter is a delicious ingredient that is high in a substance called carotene. According to The University of Mayland Medial Center ‘carotene converts in Vitamin A (retinol). We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucous membrane’.

It is also high in saturated fats. I know you must be thinking “Saturated fats? Aren’t they bad for your health?”! Well, stop that train of thought right there. Overdosing on trans fats can be bad for your health. However, the right type of saturated fats (in moderation) can actually help you maintain a better diet. There is such a thing as healthy fat.

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One study by Harvard discovered that; “in practice, when people lower their saturated fat intake, they don’t necessarily eat healthier diets…We’re not going to artificially create healthy diets by manufacturing low-fat, low-saturated-fat packaged foods. What we eat should be whole, minimally processed, nutritious food—food that is in many cases as close to its natural form as possible”.

How is Butter Made?

Butter is made from churning cream to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. Often, butter is made from cows milk, however ‘butter can also be made from the milk of other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, and yaks,’ according to the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Butter is not limited to animal products, here are great recipes for delicious coconut, almond and cashew butter you can make at home!

What Are The Problems With Inorganic Butter?

butter, how to make butter, butter recipe
In this study ‘A total of 138 samples of ordinary butter were collected during 1998 and 1999 from retail outlets (mainly supermarkets) in 24 countries worldwide. A subset of 63 samples representing 23 of the countries were analyzed for PCBs and a number of chlorinated pesticide residues'(Santillo et al.). PCBs are a group of organic compounds used to make plastics and are highly toxic to marine life!

The results showed traces of PCB’s in butter all over the world- particularly high in Europe and America. Kaletnzi et al. said that ‘the results of this global survey indicate the utility of butter as a representative matrix for use in the monitoring of spatial and perhaps temporal trends in the distribution of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)’.

The fact that so many unnatural, toxic chemicals are being found in our ordinary grocery store butter is a good enough reason for me to start making my own organic butter at home! By using organic ingredients that haven’t been in contact with such toxins, you will be guaranteed fresh and delicious butter in no time.

How to Make Butter: The Recipe


  • 2 Cups of organic heavy cream
  • Himalayan sea salt to taste. (A far healthier alternative to iodized salt found here!)


  1. Pour cream into a food processor or mixing machine and whip until it goes past the creamy, thick, whipped stage and turns into a mixture that looks grainy and watery.
  2.  Now you need to separate out the watery buttermilk mixture from the solid butter. Just pour it into a jar and use it for making relaxing bath salt recipes!
  3. Add cold water into the mixer and continue mixing. This water will get rid of the remaining buttermilk found in the butter.
  4. Once clean make sure any excess liquid is either squeezed through a cloth.
  5. Put back into the mixer and add Himalayan salt to taste or why not try this other great tasting butter recipe!
  6. Put in a jar or tub and store in the fridge. It will keep for months!

Why not pair your organic butter with a fresh loaf of homemade gluten-free bread, a delicious snack full of healthy proteins, antioxidants and of course…tons of vitamin A!

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