Posted on: June 23, 2016 at 8:44 am
Last updated: September 14, 2017 at 3:26 pm

It’s no doubt that, as a society, we have been getting physically less healthy throughout the years. Many attribute this to less active lifestyles. However, another big reason is the food that we are eating, which changed from whole, natural ingredients to refined food products that are high in sugars and trans fats.

Amy’s Drive Thru: Healthy Fast Food



Health experts have attributed this increase in consumption of fatty, processed foods to the abundance of fast food restaurants across America, which provide unhealthy meals at low prices and often target children in their advertising. However, this is a trend that may be changing sooner than later.


This is because the fast food industry in the United States is being shaken up by a new drive thru restaurant offering what consumers have been asking for for so long: healthy and natural fast food!

The grand opening of Amy’s Drive Thru in early July was long anticipated by many California residents, and since then their lines have been out the door. It quickly became popular not only among fast-food lovers near its one location (around 50 miles north of San Francisco), but also became a nation-wide spectacle as the first organic, non-GMO and vegetarian fast food restaurant in America.

The Food



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The restaurant attempts to bring back the old, Americana-style fast food with a modern twist to it. For example, it offers classic burgers and fries that have as much effort put into them as the old days of fast food, but instead of using beef they use a leaner, healthier veggies burger.

Aside from the classic burgers and fries, Amy’s also offers a wide variety of other food options for those craving something a bit different. And the best thing is that all of it is organic! Organic burritos, organic pizza, organic mac ‘n’ cheese and organic salads are only a part of their delicious menu. There are also gluten-free options for all typically wheat-based meals for those sensitive to gluten.

They also have vegan options for their mac’n’cheese as well as dairy-free milkshakes, showing how well Amy’s combines modern diet practices to classic, all-American meals.

The Building


Amy’s doesn’t only reflect their values in their food, but they also do it in the building that they serve their food in as well. The 50’s style restaurant building provides the appropriate atmosphere, but at the same time it has many modern features that set it apart from other old-style burger joints.

“We wanted to deliver something very American, very homespun, but with a slight turn on its head so it feels young, new, fresh, and a little bit different,” David Grocott, Amy’s Lead Designer told Tech Insider.

One of the most unique features of the building is that it has a garden growing on its roof 24/7, all year round, otherwise known as a “living roof”. Even the water tower, that seems more like a prop than anything else, serves a function in sustaining the roof’s plant life.

“The water tower collects rainwater, and that feeds the roof,” Grocott said. “We don’t do fake.”

It’s obvious that Amy’s main focus is on being real with their customers, something most fast food joints do the opposite of. The fact that Amy’s makes sure to serve their customers real, organic, non-GMO foods proves that.


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