Posted on: May 17, 2016 at 1:17 pm
Last updated: September 14, 2017 at 4:53 pm

Breast cancer is one of the most common and harmful diseases to affect women today. One in every eight women in the United States are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Of the almost 250,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every yearn more than 40,000 die from it, making it the deadliest form of cancer for women besides lung cancer.

Although the mortality rate of breast cancer patients has decreased throughout the years, it is still one of the deadliest cancers one can get. The main reason that death due to breast cancer, and incidences of breast cancer in general, have decreased so much is due to increased awareness and prevention.

The good news is that one study found that eating a common (and tasty) fruit everyday can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer, and that fruit is none other than the delicious peach.

How Peaches Reduce Breast Cancer Risk


Researchers at Washington State University and Texas A&M found that eating only two to three peaches everyday can significantly reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by slowing down it’s spread and growth.

Studies were originally conducted in vitro, where researchers found that extract from peaches suppressed the spread of breast cancer cells in petri dishes. After having success with these artificial test environments, researchers decided to test their hypothesis further on live subjects.

The new study examined the effect that this peach extract would have on mice that were diagnosed with breast cancer. After the mice’s breast cancer developed significantly, researchers fed them doses of peach polyphenols, which are compounds that protect the peach from the sun’s UV radiation.

According to Giuliana Noratto, Washington State University Assistant Professor of Food Science, the peach polyphenols exhibited antioxidant effects which could contribute to their anti-cancer properties.

“There are several studies showing that these compounds act as antioxidants and can therefore protect DNA against damage that can produce cancer,” Noratto says.

Researchers found that mice who were given high levels of peach polyphenols had reduced tumor growth and also showed less evidence of cancer spread and invasion after only 12 days.

Pound for pound, the amount of peach polyphenols given to mice everyday amounted to about two to three peaches for an average sized human being. Noratto is a strong believer in using natural fruits and vegetables and eating a well-balanced diet to prevent cancer and other common diseases.

“We have a huge tradition of medicinal plants,” she says. “We are great believers that you can cure yourself by having a good diet and a good supply of medicinal plants.”


Other Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Loading up on peaches is only one way that you can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Here are some other ways to naturally do this:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Avoiding soy products
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Breast-feed

Also make sure to regularly examine your breasts once a month about three to four days after your menstrual cycle ends. To learn about early indicators of breast cancer, click here.



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