Posted on: July 13, 2015 at 12:53 pm
Last updated: August 3, 2019 at 1:40 pm

Everywhere you go, every time you go outdoors you’re exposed to pollution. You can get away – find some nature, be in the woods – but just getting there puts you through you through some toxic situation you can’t help.


Unfortunate, but true, we walk through some type of pollutant every day. It’s bad for our lungs, our hearts, our cardiovascular systems, respiratory systems, but new studies are showing just how bad it is for our brains.

Pollutions Hurts Heart, Lungs, and Brain

Estimated to kill 7 million people a year, pollution has been seen to shrink the brain. A study saw 1,403 women who had their brain’s scan with MRI from 1996-1998, and saw them again in 2006. They noticed a decrease in white matter that correlated to an increase in a specific pollutant they followed.


Given all the data they had to monitor the subjects, the scientists were able to see a decrease in the brain equivalent to 2 years of aging. So from 1996-2006 their brain aged 12 years (or at least that’s how I understand it.)

“ Older women with greater PM2.5 exposures had significantly smaller white matter independent of geographic region, demographics, socioeconomic status, lifestyles, and clinical characteristics including cardiovascular risk factors,” the study says. It later says the brains lost white matter “equivalent to 1-2 years of brain aging.”


Detox Methods

Here are some day-to-day ways to have a healthier brain:

Eat the good stuff: detox foods like watercress, cilantro, artichokes, garlic, citrus peels, pomegranate, and even cocoa; and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, collards, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower). Drink green tea.

Speaking of the good stuff: detox herbs! Milk thistle and nutrients like selenium and zinc, all of which boost detoxification.

Stay away from high fat high-fructose foods. Refined sugar, nicotine, and trans-fats are all toxins.

Eat organic when you can and avoid mercury-containing big fish like tuna and swordfish.

Learn how to get rid of heavy metals from your body. Learn right here.

Other detoxes:

Bathe in Epsom salts. This is a good natural detox for you entire system. Other natural products like activated charcoal and bentonite clay are great as well because they’re adsorptive material, which means they draw the toxins and remove them from your body. Some people claim that you can see the toxins washing out of your body in a bentonite detox bath.

Quit smoking. Obviously this harms your lungs but inflammation is the other huge factor. Smoking stresses your entire cardiovascular system, including your heart.

The study was a small group of women, between the ages of 71 and 89. The parts of the study that I read said women who lived in“places with higher levels of long-term exposure to (pollution)” had “ had smaller brain volumes especially in the normal-appearing WM” over 6-7 years.


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