A Purdue spokesperson told VICE News in an email, “The company will be pursuing new medications and unmet need for patients suffering from cancer and select central nervous system disorders.” (2)


Purdue Pharma Pushed OxyContin to Doctors For Years, Then Fired Their Sales Employees For It

But let’s be absolutely clear here… Purdue Pharma has spent years using a sales force team to persuade doctors all over North America to prescribe more OxyContin to their patients. In fact, the drug accounted for 82% of Purdue’s sales in 2017 (2). But now that the public is catching on to the dangers of opioid use… now that the court has ruled they won’t let it slide, Purdue acts by pinning the blame on their sales employees.

This follows closely on the heels of a previous revelation that Purdue Pharma was aware (despite their previous claims) that their product was contributing to the abuse of opioids- a crisis which has already left many tens of thousands dead. Author Barry Meier speaks with FOX News about the company seeking special permission from the FDA to continue to promote their addictive product in spite of the crisis:

Big Pharma Manipulating Doctors Isn’t New- We’re Just Holding Them Responsible Now

In the United States, pharmaceutical companies actively market their products to medical practitioners, often using coercive tactics like giving them gifts and free meals during sales pitches.
A 2017 meta-analysis confirmed the public’s fears: Doctors opinions about a drug (including how often they prescribe it and for what purpose) are directly influenced by a Big Pharma sales force. (3)