Posted on: October 12, 2016 at 2:44 pm
Last updated: May 30, 2017 at 10:14 am

Quick Pain Relief using your Ears and Fingers!



Our body is covered in tiny nerves that transmit different messages to our brains; pain is something that travels fast, warning us that something is wrong!

It’s easy to just pop a few painkillers in your mouth and carry on, however, if you’re like me and avoid unnatural remedies as much as possible and doesn’t carry painkillers in your bag; then this excellent remedy is a great alternative! It’s simple; there are different pressure points in your ear that affect different areas of your body through your nervous system. By placing pressure on your ear in different areas, you can help reduce pain levels efficiently and without standing up. This is also known as reflexology; a treatment using specific points on the body and applying pressure.


There have been different studies completed on the effects of reflexology, showing its benefits. However, these studies are limited and reviews failed to show concrete evidence for any specific effect of reflexology in any conditions. Due to its non-invasive, non-pharmacological complementary nature, reflexology is widely accepted and anecdotal evidence of positive effect reflexology in a variety of health conditions are available. Adequate training for practitioners is necessary to ensure the consistency of service provided.

There are many different points on the ear that have been said to reflect a different area of the body, just apply pressure, with your fingers, at which point you feel an ache in and reap the rewards.

Use this video along with the ear reflexology diagrams to help you find the specific pressure points you’re looking for!

Back and Shoulder Pain

Do you sit at a desk all day and feel your back and shoulders aching? Many people try basic stretches to try and relieve the pain however you can remain sitting and ease the pain at the same time! Reflexology says that if you put pressure half way down your ear, then the pain in your shoulders and back will decrease. Apply it for a minute or so multiple times a day and you should feel tension release and your back and shoulders aching less.


Joint Pain

Research into reflexology has shown that because we have joints everywhere in our body, the one you need to target depends on where you should apply pressure. For example, by putting pressure on the upper-mid-section of your ear, you could help relieve some pain in your wrist, however, if it is a more recurring problem then a visit to the doctor may be needed.

Throat Pain

Your ear lobe is said to hold many different pressure points, one of which is in conjunction with the health of your throat. Maps of the ear according to reflexology show that by applying pressure to your lobes you can help ease symptoms of a sore throat!

Digestive Pain


According to reflexology, applying pressure to the inner center part of your ear you can help relieve digestive pain. Use your fingers and apply pressure just above your ear lobe to apply pressure and feel. If you know you suffer from minor stomach problems; maybe you have slight intolerances to certain foods, you can try this way of pain relief before hand to prevent any discomfort.

Head and Heart Pain

Finally, reflexology charts show that by applying pressure to the bottom of your inner ear, you will feel relief in your head and heart. It will relieve pent-up pressure in the head that may cause a headache, as well as help, maintain a healthy heart.

Menstrual Pain (PMS)

Menstrual pain can apparently be relieved by applying pressure to a multitude of areas on the ear, although many points are found in the middle of the ear. Studies were done to monitor women who experienced premenstrual pain and how ear reflexology helped them relieve the pain successfully over a certain period.

By helping relieve pain with reflexology, you can ensure that you will always be comfortable and pain-free while getting on with your day. All you need is your fingers and ears! The ear is not the only part of the body that reflexology works on, many different areas such as your hands or feet can affect different things in your body. Consult your physician and see if you can give reflexology a try, and you’ll never look back!

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