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Throughout history, countless philosophers and enlightened figures have agreed on one truth: Wisdom is a timeless virtue. Indeed, the sage advice and insights of our ancestors – from Socrates to Benjamin Franklin – continue to help and inspire us today.

So bookmark this page and save the words of yet another wise thinker from long ago – namely, Musashi Miyamoto, one of the greatest swordsmen and philosophers from Japan’s history. You never know when his words might come in handy!

Musashi Miyamoto: Samurai Philosopher

Musashi Miyamoto (1584-1645) was a legendary Samurai warrior, born in Japan during the war-torn feudal era (2). Born into a family of warriors, Musashi quickly proved himself to be a prodigious Samurai, expert strategist, and a master swordsman, even founding a new school in the art of Japanese swordwielding (kenjutsu) in which two swords are used instead of one(3). He spent his life engaging in a record-setting 60 duels, guiding pupils in ketjutsu, and writing about the art of battle (4).

Musashi is also remembered for his deep wisdom, spirituality, and self-discipline. Written shortly before his death, The Way of Walking Alone (Dokkodo) remains Musashi’s final literary masterpiece (3) – a work full of wise precepts that remain relevant and inspiring to this day.

Below, we list just a few of Musashi’s most thoughtful and illuminating quotes for your (self-)reflection.

12 Quotes from Musashi Miyamoto’s Dokkodo






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