Posted on: April 15, 2016 at 10:58 am
Last updated: September 28, 2016 at 2:28 pm

It can be quite alarming to experience bleeding gums if it’s not something you’ve ever noticed before. No one likes to see blood when they spit out their toothpaste in the morning.

But, the fact is that bleeding gums is a common problem for a lot of people, and while it could indicate that you need to improve some aspect of your health, it shouldn’t necessarily scare or worry you too much.

If this is an issue for you, rest assured that there are simple and natural remedies that can help.

What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Here are a few of the most common reasons your gums might be bleeding…

New Dental Hygiene Routine


In many cases, bleeding gums may actually be a sign that you’re doing something right. For example, if you haven’t flossed in a while or have just started to floss on a regular basis for the first time, it’s very normal to see some bleeding and it should go away after a week or so of consistent flossing.  However, it could also be that you’re being too rough in your attempt to be thorough.


If you’re not being diligent about brushing and flossing on a regular basis, you could have gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease. This causes your gums to be swollen, tender and more susceptible to bleeding.


Medications that thin the blood can also be the cause of increased gum bleeding. Keep in mind that you should always tell your dentist about any health conditions or medications you’re taking as they could impact your oral health and treatment.


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The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and altered hormone levels can impact oral health, resulting in temporary gingivitis that should go away after pregnancy.

Improving Gum Health

There are several measure you can take to address bleeding gums…

Be Gentle

Be sure to floss gently between teeth, only use soft-bristled toothbrushes and remember that there’s no need to use much force when brushing.


Be Diligent

It’s critical to stick to a very consistent dental hygiene routine: brush at least twice a day for a full 2 minutes each time, floss once a day and visit your dentist for a professional cleaning and checkup every 6 months.

Be Healthy

One great way to maintain healthy gums is to maintain a healthy diet. Eating lots of simple carbs and sugar isn’t just bad for your overall health, it’s harmful to the health of your teeth and gums. Only eat unhealthier foods in moderation and add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Coconut Oil

If you’re a believer in a holistic, natural approach to health, you’ve certainly read about oil pulling by now. Put simply, it’s an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing around with a vegetable oil (usually coconut or sesame oil) for about 20 minutes. The oil “pulls” the toxins from your body and allow you to get rid of them when you spit it out. Many report that oil pulling helps improve several oral health (including tender and bleeding gums) and alleviates other health issues as well.


It works because coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, and the friction of the oil against your teeth and gums while swishing or massaging functions as a sort of “soap” on your mouth. Studies have shown that massaging the gums every day for 3 weeks decreased the amount of bacteria in the mouth. This, in turn, helps improve the health of teeth and gums, which helps reduce bleeding.


Another answer that nature provides for bleeding gums is lemon. Due to its high levels of vitamin C, cleansing and detoxifying properties, this citrus fruit is great for dental health. Boost gum health from the inside by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C and make your own healing, lemon mouthwash, squeeze half of a lemon into a cup of water and use it as an after-meal rinse. You can also boost your oil pulling or massaging routine by adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to the coconut oil.

There are quite a few other natural remedies that may help alleviate bleeding gums, but these tips give you a great place to start.

And if making healthy changes to your oral hygiene routine and eating habits don’t help, be sure to make an appointment with your dentist to find out if there are other issues that may be impacting your dental health.  

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