Posted on: May 19, 2016 at 12:35 pm
Last updated: September 14, 2017 at 4:51 pm

In the modern economy, companies benefit when they sell “disposable” products. This is because they make more money selling you the same thing over and over again, rather than just selling you one reliable product that will last you the rest of your life.

As a result of this, we, as a society, have gotten more used to frequently buying single-use products, from disposable plates to disposable cameras. Not only are we damaging the environment, but we are spending loads of money frequently buying these same products over and over again when there is really no need to do so.

This is why I’m showing you five common disposable items that you can save tons of money by switching to reusable versions.



From remote controls to flashlights, we all know the feeling of not having batteries around when we need them the most. If you start buying rechargeable batteries, this feeling will be a thing of the past. And you’ll save a bunch of money.

All you have to do is buy this battery charger (which itself is rechargeable) you’re good to charge most of your common household batteries, including AA and AAA. It can even charge certain “non-rechargeable” batteries.


This one is already fairly obvious, as many people already use reusable napkins. However, just as many people don’t use them under the presumption that they are saving money by constantly buying cheap, paper napkins. However, you spend more money on disposable napkins in two weeks than you would just buying reusable ones.

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You don’t have to buy the fanciest silk napkins you can get your hands on, you can get a 12 pack of reusable cotton napkins for under one dollar a piece. Just put a mini hamper at the end of your table and dedicate a small load of laundry every week to your napkins.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Although the idea may seem unsanitary at first, there are actually many different reusable, feminine hygiene products that are commonly used both by the environmentally conscious and people who are trying to save money.


Among these different feminine hygiene products are natural sea sponges, fabric pads or feminine cups. You can also purchase washable and reusable waterproof bags that can keep the moisture and odor of your used feminine products from leaking out when you are on-the-go.

Not to mention that these products are generally considered healthier than their disposable alternatives as they don’t contain the same toxic absorbent materials.

 Dryer Sheets

If you use your dryer sheets just to get rid of the static in your laundry, you have a variety of reusable options to replace them with. Just rolling up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball and throwing it in with your laundry can prevent static, and you don’t even have to replace this ball for six months at a time.

If you want a pleasant scent with your laundry, you can just roll a few balls of yarn and add a few drops of pleasant smelling essential oils to them. This will help break up the static and leave your clothes with a pleasant scent of your choice. For detailed instructions of how to make these essential oil yarn balls, click here.


Water Bottles

This is another obvious one. Aside from the fact that un-recycled plastic water bottles are wreaking havoc on the environment, they are also full of BPA, which have been proven to have toxic effects on the human body. This includes being a possible carcinogen, causing heart problems and also impacting our hormone levels.

Aside from that, you’re also paying way more money than anybody should have to on water. If you have to purchase water due the area you live in, fill up a bunch of 5-gallon jugs and pour them into non-plastic containers when you get home, such as glass or metal water bottles. The less time water is exposed to BPA-containing plastic, the lest BPA residue will be left in it.


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