Posted on: March 6, 2015 at 5:52 pm
Last updated: September 15, 2017 at 10:49 am

One of the worst results of aging is the inevitable decline of flexibility, physical strength, and agility. Some people say that you have to work hard for the first 40 years of your life so that you can enjoy the second 40.

This information holds true to such a saying! Studies have found that stretching can actually reverse the aging process and allow your body to remain strong and resilient for longer!


4 Tips on How to Stretch For Youth

1. Always Stretch Slowly and Gently

Pushing yourself when you stretch will help you become more flexible but you have to get to know your own body first. Pushing yourself too much is counter productive and you’ll wind up hurting yourself and bringing yourself back to square one…or worse!

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2. Breathe Deeply

Stretching is an excellent time to work on your breathing practices. When you breath in the rhythm of your stretching you will be able to understand more clearly how comfortable your body is with certain stretches. For example when you reach down to touch your toes you are able to reach farther when you exhale because your diaphragm is not full of air.

3. Count to 30

You should hold every stretch for about 30 seconds. Anything under 30 seconds will have zero effect on your body and so to avoid wasting time, remember quality over quantity! Always opt for doing fewer stretching positions, but giving each position 110%. (You can do as many positions as you like if you’re always giving it your all!)


4. Don’t Bounce

Some personal trainers support bouncing because it will make you flexible, faster, however I don’t recommend a “fast-tracked” system in this case. You are stretching for the long term and attempting to keep your body strong and agile well into the future.

Ready…set… stretch!

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