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Eric Hites, 40, would do anything for his estranged wife, and that includes riding a bicycle from the east to west coast over the next several months. Hites is already two months into his ride, documenting his every pedal on the website “Fat Guy Across America.”

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According to Hites’s website, he’s always liked “to do big things and make his family proud.” So when his weight gain over the years started to interfere with his marriage — ABC News reported being overweight sparked a depression and grumpiness that caused things to “fall apart” — he knew he needed to do something big in order to show his wife he was still committed to her and their marriage.

The answer was revealed to him through “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” the classic song by scottish duo The Proclaimers.“I blame the Proclaimers, I really do,” he explains on his GoFundMe page. The page was set up to raise the money he’ll need for supplies and equipment, camping, and eating as he gets further into his ride.

Newport Bicycle, a bicycle shop in Rhode Island (where Hites currently is), recently donated a bicycle, helmet, and other “goodies” he’s going to need.Although it’s been just a couple of months, ABC found Hites and his wife are “rededicated unofficially.” She thought he was all talk prior to embarking on this epic bike ride, and now that she sees he’s serious, there may be hope for them yet.


On the weight loss front, Hites is currently down 60 pounds.Ultimately, he plans for the ride to “launch the rest of his life in the direction needed to be successful and healthy.” And he fully intends on compiling all the videos, journal entries, and images he collects into a book about his experiences.

He concluded on his website that this will be his defining moment, “and hopefully forgiveness and a new solid start” toward the life he’s always wanted.


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