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Generally speaking, salads are favored during the summer. However, fall salad recipes have a unique taste and appeal all their own. Fall is, after all, the harvest season. Take advantage of the fresh produce by making enjoying some of the best fall salads. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables in plenty and they are typically bursting with flavor.

Best Fall Salads You Should Add to Your Menu

To qualify as one of the best fall salads, a recipe must meet a few criteria. It must:

  • Feature fresh autumn ingredients
  • Include classic fall flavors
  • Be relatively easy to make because fall is a busy season!
  • Have plenty of nutrients to keep you healthy and happy as the weather gets colder and the germs get hotter.

Check out these top contenders for best healthy fall salad recipes:

1. Roquefort Autumn Blend

Recipe from: All Recipes

Many fall salad recipes features nuts because of their classic fall flavor. This recipe calls for caramelizing pecans, adding to this unique and totally autumn appeal of the salad. The pears, Roquefort cheese, and avocado in this salad add plenty of vital nutrients and complimentary flavor as well.


2. Maple Vinaigrette Harvest Salad

Recipe from: Drool Worthy Daily

Few ingredients say “Fall!” as well as maple syrup, pecans, and pomegranates. Mixed together with fresh greens, apples, raisins, and more, this salad is festive and delicious.

3. Garlic Roasted Vegetable Salad

Recipe from: With Food and Love

As the weather gets cooler, turning the oven on for hours sounds much more appealing. This roasted vegetable salad encourages that habit- and it tastes great when assembled, too! The garlic flavor in particular makes this salad a side dish that even picky eaters wanting more.

4. Simple Apple Walnut Salad

Recipe from: Taste of Home

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Sometimes basic is just better. Apples and walnuts are classic autumn ingredients, and, once combined in a salad, have whimsical appeal as well. The homemade apple cider vinaigrette just adds to the charm. That you can throw this simple salad together, mostly with ingredients you probably have on hand, just adds to the reasons that this salad is one you’ll enjoy over and over again.

5. Sweet and Salty Fall Salad

Recipe from: Budget Bytes

Is sweet and salty ever out of style? This fall salad suggests not. Made with sweet potato and kale in harmonious contrast, this salad is bold, memorable, and one of a kind. It’s also affordable (bonus points!) and easy to make.

6. Tyler’s Ultimate Fall Salad

Recipe from: Food Network


If you want to impress guests or simply enjoy a fine dining experience at home, this recipe is a go-to. Labelled “ultimate” for a reason, this sumptuous salad features fresh, elegant ingredients like pears, maple, pecans, and frisee.

7. Taste of Fall Salad

Recipe from: Cooking Classy

Speaking of classy, this is the sort of salad you’ll need to dress up for –it’s that gorgeous and flavorful. Colorful ingredients make the presentation of this salad elegant, while the taste of the ingredients evokes a distinct sense of autumn. The ingredients themselves are actually quite simple. For example, the salad is mainly spinach, nuts, apple slices, and feta cheese.

8. Quinoa and Autumn Vegetables Salad

Recipe from: Chow Hound

Absolutely packed with flavor, this salad includes the unique and oh-so-healthy ingredient quinoa. Adding texture, taste, and nutrients to the salad, the quinoa pairs well with the fresh roasted vegetables (including fall classics like turnips and carrots.)

9. Fall Cobb Salad

Recipe from: A Spicy Perspective


Cobb salad: chunky, easy to make, and great for serving large groups of people quickly. This large chunks also make it easy for picky eaters to avoid the foods that they don’t like. Although, the ingredients in this festive fall salad are hard to pass up. Few people can say no to butternut squash, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and pecans. That the salad can be combined with a healthy and spicy corn dressing just makes it all the more appetizing.

10. Pumpkin Spiced Salad

Recipe from: Epicurious

You decorate with it, bake it, and, using this recipe, add it to your salad, too! Pumpkin is one of the most popular fall flavors, and one of the most diverse too. Spiced and mixed loosely with lentils and goat cheese, this pumpkin salad is refined. The hot flavor (plus mint!) makes it extra-fresh as well.

Fresh produce is really good for you! Pair these healthy fall salads with a variety of soups to warm yourself up on a chilly day. Make your own salad dressing to reap extra health advantages and add flavor, too. You’ll find that, though summer salads are still great, autumn features some of your favorite, most memorable salads.


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