Posted on: December 22, 2015 at 9:43 pm
Last updated: March 11, 2016 at 7:38 pm

When David Hinks was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the age of 65 he refused to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. Instead he opted out of the toxic treatment and went for a natural treatment with Dr. Fibar Magee.

According to David after his diagnosis, “There was no suggestion of an alternative, no discussion, just whip it out and get the chemo. I might survive, I might not but I would definitely need dialysis at some stage. It was grim and I knew there had to be a better alternative for me.”


After Dr.Magee reviewed David’s diets, blood tests, stool tests and tumor market tests, he figured out that his system was toxic with heavy metals and came up with a plan. The treatment plans included intravenous Vitamin C, Ozone treatments, a detox to rid his body of heavy metals, a change in diet and cutting out processed sugar. After his fourth treatment David felt better than ever, and his blood tests showed significant improvements. “Even his doctor told him to keep doing what he was doing.” David now had hope that he could have a better quality of life and time to spend with his family.

The Day Everything Changed

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One day David received an upsetting phone call. Dr.Magee had been banned by the General Medical council from practicing medicine. This was due to complaints that Dr.Magee was giving people treatments that did not contain scientific proof of being effective, despite several studies and papers discussing the effectiveness and validity of each type of treatment.

The way Dr.Magee’s treatments work is by using vitamin C to target cancer cells by producing hydrogen peroxide. The ozone treatment involved blood being drawn and infused with oxygen before being put back into the system intravenously to promote cell healing. In order to continue with the treatments that Hinks wanted, he started to travel to another country once a week to get the treatment he wanted and felt gave him the best quality of life and time to enjoy it.

These travel costs are expensive, stressful and tiring. The impact on not allowing Dr.Magee to practice has not only negatively impacted David Hinks but his other patients as well. Dr.Magee explains that, “It’s stressful, infuriating, frustrating and desperately sad that people are not more open-minded and that as a result, my patients are being forced out of the country to continue with treatments that are working for them.” By taking away Dr. Magee license it takes away the freedom of choice for patients who want alternative methods of medical treatment.



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