Posted on: November 6, 2017 at 2:33 pm
Last updated: December 6, 2017 at 10:48 am

While it is true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s hard not to make assumptions based on appearances. We notice certain characteristics and subconsciously draw connections. But are we that far off with our assumptions? Our physical characteristics play a huge part in the development of our character, so some of our features can give insight to our personality. Here’s what your nose says about you.


What Your Nose Says About You

The Nubian Nose

nose says

The Nubian nose has a straight bridge and a downwards-pointing lower end and it draws attention to the lips immediately. People who have a Nubian nose are most likely very curious and always cautiously optimistic. They express their thoughts and opinions eloquently, but their most distinguishing personality trait is their humility.


The Greek Nose

This nose gets its name from ancient Greek sculptors; it’s narrow, very straight, and pointed. People with this nose tend to be more prudent and practical. Their most defining feature is their loyalty. You can trust that they will keep your trust and won’t abuse it.

The Hook Nose

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Often compared to a bird’s beak, the hook nose has a prominent bridge making it look like it is bent downwards. People with this nose are often have strong opinions and deep thoughts. The defend their view passionately and aren’t afraid to take risks. They tend to be self-sacrificing, thoughtful and wise. They are able to be diplomatic and creative, but still self-effacing.


The Arched Nose

Similar to the hook nose, the arched nose is curved from the nasal bones but the tip is very pointed. People with this nose tend to be skillful managers because they lead by example. They are driven and very well organized, and they appreciate efficiency. It’s not a good idea to betray these people because disloyalty is the one thing they can’t forgive.

The Button Nose

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The most common type of nose, the button nose is short and dainty. People with this nose are very likely to get what they want; they are determined, strong-willed and they plan their time efficiently. They are also quite spontaneous and very active. They trust their gut when it comes to big decisions, and they know which instincts to follow and which to ignore.

The Straight Nose

This nose is straight and flat with wide nostrils and a round tip. People with this nose are generally in good control of their emotions, and they can easily read other people’s feelings and are most likely empaths. They are calm, patient, and unlikely to lose their temper but they don’t respond well to unsolicited provocations, and are quick to defend their loved ones.

The Concave Nose

nose says

The concave nose looks petite and sharp. It has a small arch on the nasal bone and the tip points slightly outwards. People with a concave nose tend to be quite sensitive; their emotions run deep and they’re easily hurt, even though they’ll never admit it. Their altruism is their most distinguishing trait. No matter silent battle they may be fighting, they will always be smiling and willing to help others in need.

The Crooked Nose

The crooked nose has a bridge that stands out and a rounded tip. Despite its name, people with this nose tend to be very straightforward. They don’t make judgments without first understanding the situation. They are very perceptive, and good listeners. They tend to make excellent friends or partners because they like to think things through carefully before forming an opinion.

What does your nose look like – better yet, what does your nose say about you?

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