When you think of “Hip Hop”, the first thing that probably comes to mind is rap music. However, researchers have taken this music-oriented term and given it a whole new meaning.  (Source of Picture: Loughborough University)

In the newly released Hip Hop study, researchers measured the effect of hopping exercises on hip bones in older men.

“Hip fractures are a major public health concern among older adults, incurring both high economic and social costs. Those affected suffer pain, loss of mobility and independence, and increased risk of death,” says Dr Sarah Allison, who conducted the study.

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“We know exercise can improve bone strength and so we wanted to test a form of exercise that is both easy and quick for people to achieve in their homes.”

For the purposes of the study, the men performed a series of daily hopping exercises. They used only one leg for the work out, which utilized different multidirectional movements. These were designed to distribute a variation of stresses and strains throughout the hip. The other leg served as the “control”—for comparative purposes.

When CT scans were taken, they showed clear visual differences between the exercise and control legs.

After a year of hopping, the bone mass of the outer shell and the density of spongy bone underneath showed increases of up to 7 percent. Most important was an improvement in the thinnest area of the bone—the part that’s at the most risk of fracturing during a fall.

The results speak for themselves, but lead researcher Katherine Brooke-Wavell does have a word of caution. “Our volunteers were screened, and built up the exercises gradually. It is important to exercise carefully, as falling could cause a fracture in someone with weak bones.” “However, over time, our study shows that brief hopping or jumping exercises that target specific regions of the hip, could increase bone strength and reduce the chances of hip fracture.”

SOURCE: Hopping could reduce fracture risk for older people. News Release. Loughborough University. Sept 2015.

This article was republished with permission from nutri-health.com

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