Posted on: February 27, 2017 at 1:21 pm
Last updated: September 22, 2017 at 12:42 pm

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Sitting all day is rough on your system. It can increase the amount of cancer in your body, increase your risk of diabetes, and can take 8 years off your life (that’s more time than you spent in elementary school!). Some of your largest muscles begin the atrophy, your metabolism slows way down, and your body lays in rest, and if your sitting job is stressful, oh boy does it get worse!

Sitting is Terrible For You

women sitting at desk


Sitting all the time is terrible for you. If this sounds like a familiar schedule for you, then maybe take some of the tips at the bottom of this article. Drive to work, sit down and to work, drive home, sit in front of the computer/TV at home. It is even considered, by some, to be ‘the new smoking,’ a widespread epidemic, significantly affecting the health of a large number of Americans.

The dangers of sitting for long periods of time can lead to an increased risk of:

Getting up, stretching, standing, and walking is a great way to negate some of the terrible health problems that come with sitting. You could even do some desk yoga to increase circulation.

Standing All the Time is Also Terrible For You

Sitting is cancer on your physical health, but standing all the time won’t do you much better. It’s great to stand up and walk, but some experts claim that the permanent switch to a standing desk is also a bad idea. Standing all the time can put unnecessary strain on your cardiovascular system. 


Many people have trouble staying standing straight for so long, which means that when they lean on their wrists and hips. That can increase your risk for arthritis and joint issues.

What Can You Do to Avoid the Dangers of Sitting?

You can’t sit all the time, and you can’t stand all the time. You could go for an adjustable desk, make your regular desk into an adjustable standing/sitting one by adding adjustable table legs. An adjustable workspace allows you to chose what mix of standing/sitting works out for you. To avoid the dangers of sitting, try some of these things to get you moving a little more:

  • Desk yoga
  • Walking meetings
  • Regularly scheduled walks(take one after lunch
  • Stretches
  • Exercise after work
  • Dance party breaks (dancing is great for your whole body AND can be a more productive means of movement than merely walking)
  • Start tracking the time you spend sitting (set alarms to get up)
  • Have a very tiny water bottle (you have to stand up to refill)
  • Go to the gym after work (or during lunch)

It’s Best For Everyone If You Could Do More About it

The more you can do about moving for regularly, the better. Not only for yourself, but for the other people in your life. For example, it’d benefit the company you worked for if you could stand and move more. You’d be happier and way more productive. And that’s big if your company wants to be a happy and creative place where you can succeed at work.

Staying still is bad for you. Staying still and sitting is even worse. Sitting all the time significantly affects your health. Make your health better by moving around a little more and not suffering the consequences of the dangers of sitting. It’d be good for you, and those around you.


Mary Grace
Freelance Writer
Mary Grace is a freelance writer based out of the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and everything outdoors. If you have any comments or questions, comment down below, or follow her on twitter @marmygrace.

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