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The human face is designed to reveal a lot about a person. When we are meeting someone new, we look to their eyes as we shake their hand. When we’re in a conversation we look for an expression that will reveal their thoughts. Well, our face may reveal more than we originally thought, including any internal medical issues that we may be having. Knowing what you’re face and skin is revealing using face mapping may give you an insight into things that you need to change in your daily life.

How Face Mapping Can Give Clues to Your Health

Face mapping is an ancient technique in Chinese medicine that sees the body as a whole, where every organ is related to each other. It is based on the idea that no single part can be understood independently, and that each area of the body can give clues as to how other parts are feeling.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the face is an indicator of health or disease. Each area of the face is related to an internal body area, and internal changes can express themselves through changes in complexion, texture, or moisture in the corresponding facial area[1].

Balancing the Meridians

Ancient Chinese medicine looks at the person as a whole and treats the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Two elements are incorporated into the diagnosis: the individual’s current condition, and balance[1].

It is believed that the body needs balance, both emotionally and physically, in order to remain in perfect health. With the knowledge that certain areas of the body are linked to each other, it’s important to understand which areas are connected and maintain balance with both.

What Your Skin Defects Say About Your Health

Our face and skin reveal a lot about our physical and emotional well-being. If you look at any health and wellness magazine you’ll see healthy individuals with clear, glowing skin and there’s a reason for that! Clear skin represents a healthy human, and skin defects on our face can actually give us clues to the medical issues that are going on within our body.

face mapping

A few little blemishes and marks on your skin does not necessarily mean that you’re unhealthy, but, paying attention to what your skin is trying to tell, and then acting on it, may just change your overall well-being for the better.

Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes


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Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes are common when you age, and apart from being unattractive, they are typically harmless. As we age, the tissue and muscles underneath our eyes begin to weaken. The normal fat that helps support the eyes can then move into the lower eyelid, causing the lids to swell and appear fluffy[2].

Dark circles and bags under the eye can often be hereditary. Other issues that may contribute to your dark circles are fluid retention due to change in weather (for example hot, humid days), lack of sleep, allergies or dermatitis. In ancient Chinese medicine, the under part of the eye is linked to the kidneys, so dark circles and bags could signify that your kidneys are being overworked[1].

Upping your water intake will help to minimize the look of dark circles and bags under your eyes[1].

Forehead Acne

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The forehead is linked to digestion. The upper forehead is linked to the bladder and the lower forehead is linked to the intestines. If you break out into acne on your forehead, or you have a significant amount of lines on your forehead, it may signify that your digestive system is struggling to process the food that’s entering your body. 

If this is the case for you, become aware of the foods and drinks that you’re consuming, particularly foods that are high in refined sugar, and change your diet to give your digestive system a break.

Thinning of Eyebrows and Eyelashes

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Eyebrows are linked to the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are our fight or flight response and secrete over 40 hormones and steroids[1].

Overactive adrenal glands are commonly linked with stress, and lines stemming from the start of the eyebrow are linked with long-term adrenal stress and may also correlate with tightness in the shoulder[1]. Also, if your eyebrows and eyelashes begin to thin, it could be a sign of stress linked to the adrenal glands.

Minimize stress in your life by engaging in activities that will settle you. Joining a yoga class, meditate, or write in your journal to reduce stress in your life and keep your eyebrows thick and luscious.


Red Nose

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There are many blood vessels on our nose, and their expansion leads to discoloration. This expansion can be caused by temperature changes, allergies, respiratory stress, or sinus problems[3].

In ancient Chinese medicine, the nose is linked to the lungs[1]. If you are experiencing allergies or sinus problems, then chances are a toll is being taken on your lungs as well. In addition to the irritation that the nose endures from constant sniffles, your nose’ connection to the lungs could offer an explanation.

Butterfly Rash on the Cheeks

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A small rash on the face may signify an improper selection of cosmetic products, allergies, climate change, or excessive consumption of sweets. When you eliminate the provoking product the rash should disappear.

However, if the rash resembles a butterfly, spreading over both cheeks, there’s a possibility that it could be lupus. Other symptoms of lupus include fever, fatigue, joint pain, and chest pain[4]. If you’re worried that your rash could be lupus, consult a doctor.

Cracked Lips

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We all get cracked lips every once in a while, especially during the winter or when we’ve been exposed to the sun for long periods of time. But, Chinese medicine states that cracking and dry lips are often associated with stomach/gastric stress[1]. 

When your lips feel cracked, apply lip balm to relieve the dryness, and consider the effect that your lunch may have had on your lips.

Acne Breakout on the Chin

Why do you get acne on your chin? It seems like a strange place for a breakout, but the chin is actually associated with the reproductive organs, so a breakout in For a woman, a breakout in this area is often the result of the menstrual cycle[1].

So, ladies, if you happen to break out on your chin, there’s no need to freak out, it may just be getting close to your time of the month.

Excess Hair on the Face

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For many people, excess hair is hereditary. For some people, though, an excess amount of hair is the result of a condition called hirsutism, which is a condition of unwanted male-pattern hair growth in women[5].

In ancient Chinese medicine, the chin is linked to the reproductive organs, suggesting that an excess amount of hair growth in this area could be the result of a hormone imbalance[1]. It could also be that you’re going through a significant hormonal change in your life, such as menopause, pregnancy, or post-childbirth.

The human body is a complex network of organs, muscles, bones, and nerves that all need each other in order to function. Each piece of the human body puzzle works together to keep us strong, and it only makes sense that each of these portions is linked, and needs to remain in constant balance with one another. The next time you notice a change in your face, consider what may be causing that change, and how you can change your lifestyle habits to deduce the real cause of the problem.



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