Americans are chronically overstressed, overworked and exhausted, resulting in feelings of unhappiness, loneliness and problems with love-making. In fact, about 1 in 10 people are now taking antidepressants of some sort in an effort to seek relief from the stress and isolation that our modern lifestyle seems to demand.

What if there were a simpler solution to our problems? Recent studies have shown that people who sleep in the nude may enjoy higher measures of happiness, better sleep and increased pleasure and passion with their significant other. If slumbering sans pajamas could possibly make such a big difference in our life, maybe its time to lose our sense of modesty and jump under the covers in only our birthday suits!

Sleeping in the Buff for a Better Night’s Rest

Our circadian rhythm is essentially the biologically dictated ebb and flow of our energy and sleep drives. Studies have shown that a dip in body temperature is essential to drifting off to sleep and maintaining deep sleep cycles. Sleeping in pajamas could interfere with your body’s effort to cool itself, translating into difficulty sleeping and feeling fatigued and moody the following day.

Resting Au Naturel Is for Lovers

Sleeping naked beside your partner can help to bolster and support healthy love-making. When we enjoy skin-on-skin contact with a loved one, our body produces a hormone called oxytocin. Referred to as the bonding, love or cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released after even just a short period of time of physical contact. Waking up naked next to your partner and enjoying some snuggles and physical closeness strengthens your relationship, reduces stress and makes you happier.

Undressed for Happiness

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It seems to be true, sleeping in the nude can make you happier – plain and simple! Removing your clothes before bed helps your body to regulate itself more appropriately for a deep rest, resulting in a refreshing night’s sleep that will fortify you for the daily challenges we all face. Sleeping skin-to-skin with your partner will release oxytocin, which has been shown to reduce stress, increase happiness and strengthen interpersonal bonds. The next time you’re feeling blue, why not try sleeping nude for a few nights in a row and see if you too can enjoy these benefits?

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Sleeping Naked Helps Prevent Infections

Ladies, this one’s for you. Your vagina is always working to maintain a perfect pH balance while keeping all kinds of microbes (e.g., bacteria and yeast) in check. However, some bad bedtime habits can lead to more common yeast infections. Instead of trapping your skin with underwear 24/7, sleeping without underwear (or better yet, naked), can help keep everything “downstairs” in balance. Not to mention, it’s much more comfortable.

Preventing infections also has to do with the fact that female genitalia is naturally warm and moist. So, anyone who goes to sleep wearing underwear or pajamas may only be compounding that heat and moisture… two factors that can create an environment that’s more prone to infections.

That said, if you prefer not to sleep naked, the next best option is to sleep in something looser and ideally made of cotton! They are far more breathable in comparison to synthetic materials such as polyester. (It’s important to note, than some people sleep with underwear or pajamas and have never had issues. So, it really comes down to the individual.)

Sleeping in the Buff Means Waking Up With Energy

Finally, although there’s no hard science yet to explain why, sleeping in the nude usually helps people wake up feeling much more alert and energized. One major factor is probably the difference in temperature. You’re a lot less tempted to snuggle up in cozy warm bedclothes and hit that snooze button. Instead, you wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day.

Sleeping in the Buff Could Also Help with Weight Loss

Less clothes means less warmth! We’re not saying go to sleep shivering, but opting to sleep naked helps keep your body cold. As a result of having a cooler body, your metabolism will increase which burns more calories and can help you lose weight!

The National Institute of Health conducted a four-month study with male participants who ate the same meals and slept in similar temperature-controlled rooms. When researchers compared the participants’ body fat throughout the study, they found that men had more “brown” calorie-burning fat during the colder months, this, in turn, helped to increase their metabolic rate, which can encourage weight loss.

Sleeping Naked Can Help Slow the Aging Process

This health benefit surprised us the most! Sleeping in pajamas (and heavy blankets) can hinder your body’s ability to properly regulate its temperature. When your body’s unable to do that, the release of your sleep hormone – melatonin – can be compromised. So, what does melatonin have to do with how quick I’m aging?

Well, according to University of Texas Health Science Center’s Dr. Russel Reiter, melatonin actually possesses anti-oxidative properties. So, chances are if you sleep naked (and in a cooler room), you can boost the release of melatonin which will help fight free radical damage linked to age-related muscular degeneration.

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