Posted on: May 19, 2016 at 12:43 pm
Last updated: August 3, 2019 at 1:28 pm

Foggy car windows can be a nuisance in the morning, especially if you’re rushing to get to work. You either have to risk driving out of a barely-transparent windshield, which is a major safety hazard, or spent five to 10 minutes waiting your windows to defog.


That is, however, unless you decide to use this simple trick that ensures you car windows will never fog up again.

Getting Rid Of Foggy Windows With A Sock And Cat Litter

Now, that heading might sound a bit ridiculous, but when you consider the science behind what causes car steam, it makes perfect sense.


First of all, foggy windows and car steam is caused when there is a difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of the car, which is why this usually occurs during the winter.

When the warm, moist air in the car comes in contact with the dry, coolness of the car window (or vice versa) this creates the foggy layer that we are all familiar with. Since fogginess is caused by moisture, the best way to prevent it is by getting rid of the moisture in your car.

This is where the cat litter comes in. Cat litter is designed to absorb as much moisture as possible, making it perfect for drying out your car from the inside. Try and opt for a silica crystal cat litter it very absorbent, gets rid of damp odors and also gives off the least amount of dust compared to other cat litter.

Fill a sock up to the ankle with cat litter and tie a knot at the end of it. You can stretch out the open end of your sock over a roll of tape to make for easier pouring. For reinforcement, wrap the cat litter-filled sock with another sock.



You can now place this cat litter-filled sock anywhere in your car and it will slowly absorb all of the moisture in it within a few days. After it goes into effect, you should notice less, if not none, window fogginess. You can place this on your dashboard to ensure clear driving visibility, or under your seat if you want it out of sight.

For more visual instructions, you can watch this video:

Other Ways To Get Rid Of Foggy Windows

  • Don’t store wet objects in your car (damp umbrellas, sweaty gym clothes, snow in car etc.)
  • Clean the inside of your windows, dirt gives moisture a base to settle on, increasing fog production
  • Don’t wipe or smudge windows, this simply displaces moisture. Instead, put defrost on high heat
  • Increase air circulation, set AC on circulate, open windows, etc.

Let us know if this window-defogging trick worked for you, or if you have any tips of your own, in the comment section.


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