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If you can solve this math equation, then you really are a genius

Are you a math aficionado? Perhaps it was your best subject in school, or maybe you just enjoy the challenge of figuring out a difficult equation. Either way, this is the genius math equation is for you. 

Genius Math Equation

This problem is not like a regular math problem: It breaks all the known “rules” or “laws” of mathematics.

Try to find the connection between these equations:

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A Quick Hint

Can’t quite figure it out? Here’s a tip: Don’t focus so much on the big number in the answer. Instead, think of it as several smaller numbers put together rather than one large one.

Genius Math Equation, Answer Revealed

If you are completely stumped and just want to know the answer, here it is:

Each number after the equals sign represents the results of three sums formed by multiplying, adding, and subtracting the two numbers before the equals sign.

Confused? Take a look at this example:

8+2 = 16106
8×2 = 16
8+2 = 10
8-2 = 6

This principle applies to all the equations after this. Send it to your friends and family to see if they can solve it.

Other Mind Tricks

If that genius math equation wasn’t enough, then give these next few a try.

  1. Can you solve this equation without a calculator?

Good luck, and don’t forget to challenge your friends and family to this genius math equation.

Julie Hambleton
The Hearty Soul Team
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