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It’s about time someone blazed a trail of cheer and happiness, especially in this current world of panic-stoking news. The world has had enough bad news and we need a huge break right about now. There’s a fine line between creating necessary awareness and simply causing unhealthy panic about the coronavirus pandemic. 


People need a steady stream of positivity these days, and someone has come up with a way to fill our hearts with constant cheer. American actor John Krasinski (popularly known as “Jack Ryan”) launched a YouTube channel on Sunday called SomeGoodNews, dedicated to spreading amazing news from around the world to give people hope and joy. He also shared an interview with his friend, Steve Carrel as they celebrated the 15th anniversary of the NBC sitcom, “The Office”, Krasinski’s breakthrough series.

Earlier that week, Krasinski had taken to his Twitter account to ask his followers to send him any stories that “made them feel good” that week with the hashtag #somegoodnews, and of course, he received so many he ended up unable to ‘report’ them all.


Since he’s at home with his family staying safe from the outbreak, Krasinski channeled his comical talents as he sits in a makeshift production room to film his ‘show’. With a big #SGN sign behind him painted by his daughters, the infamous Jack Ryan donned a suit jacket, a tie and a pair of pajama pants (which he so carefully hides) as he showed his millions of viewers that the world is not all sadness and painful misery. There’s a lot of good to be seen, too. 

Appreciation for the global health care community

Steve began his ‘news hour’ by doling out a huge token of appreciation to every medical professional and health worker out there risking their lives to save the world. These heroic men and women took oaths to protect human lives at all costs, and they expect no appreciation in return for their relentless service. Well, people all over the world are immensely grateful, and the thank-yous haven’t stopped rolling in.

Krasinski showed clips of police squad cars in Spain lining the entrance to a hospital and flashing their sirens in appreciation to the medics. A hashtag on Twitter called #Solidarityat8 has people coming out of their balconies at 8 pm in united applause to all the health workers straining their bodies beyond limits to care for others. It started in the UK for NHS workers, but now, the hashtag is trending all over the world.

The military health workers are not forgotten in all the love. Krasinski showed clips of naval officers out at sea clapping for their medics and the health care heroes back home from the decks of their ships, the command centers, cabins and even underwater. 


In the United States, people who live in high-rise apartment buildings came together to flash their lights at night for the heroes in scrubs. A grateful man held up a placard at the window of a hospital that read: “THANK YOU ALL INE EMERGENCY FOR SAVING MY WIFE’S LIFE. I LOVE YOU ALL.”

Truly, the medics are the heroes in this raging battle. Every front-liner out there is duly appreciated for their incredible service to humanity, and the only thing they ask of the rest of us is to stay home and stay safe.

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Relief supplies for delivery drivers

Not everyone has been so rational about the pandemic situation. In major stores and wholesale warehouses around the world, items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes and even rice are now in high demand due to panic-buying [1]. Dozens of people would buy truckloads of toilet paper for their homes with the intent to return them if they are unused, making these items unavailable for other people who also need them.

A generous man decided to share some of his high-demand items with the delivery drivers who are unable to stay indoors in these scary times. He put up a bucket full of hand sanitizer bottles and three 12-in-1 toilet paper packs for the delivery drivers making runs in his neighborhood. He had a sign that read: “Delivery drivers, take it if you need it. Thank you for your hard work.”

An emotional driver captured the set-up and was deeply grateful for the tissue pack, which according to him was “life-saving”.

While you can’t really judge anyone’s state of mind while they are panic-buying items, it’s completely unfair to not think of other people while clearing out an entire section of tissue paper, rice packs or hand sanitizer in the mall. You alone can’t fight the pandemic. Other people also need to stay safe and stay indoors if we are going to beat this. Let’s buy only what we need and think about other people. 

Also, there are people out there who may not be able to afford these necessary items. Now is the time to never forget the economically vulnerable people around us.

No matter how bad it gets, the good never stops coming

A retired paratrooper, Art Cruz, whose neighbor is a military officer deployed overseas was captured mowing the guy’s lawn as he always does. The neighbor posted this on Twitter to appreciate the elderly man who promised that he would “always be there for him and his family.”

A kind-hearted man in Maine decided to help out a lobsterman with his business by buying 100 lobsters and delivering them, all nicely cooked, to people in his neighborhood.

A grandfather met his grandson for the first time through the window of his son’s house, as three generations of love and family practiced social distancing.

A couple from Virginia was supposed to go to Paris for Spring Break but their trip was canceled due to the pandemic. Well, the romance was brought to their homestead as a friend of theirs drew the Eiffel tower on a wall with chalk and had them pose in front of it.  

Who said the party has to end right after the wedding? A fun-loving couple in Michigan put on their wedding attires from 7 years ago and filmed themselves doing wedding challenges and “stupid stuff” around the house.

An Alabama couple in their 80s shows that true love never fades as they shared a song through a window. Mrs. Ann Cline is in a nursing home for Alzheimer’s and can no longer be visited by her husband, John, due to pandemic. Well, nothing could keep him away as he sang “Amazing Grace” to her through the window, and apparently, he still visits her every day.

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Best ‘good news’ of the week

Right now, while the world is deeply concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, some people are still sick from other conditions and diseases. People are still enduring painful rounds of chemotherapy and daily injections of insulin. Thankfully, there’s some good news from there too as 15-year-old Coco from California, Krasinski’s “newest hero” has completed her final round of chemotherapy.

Her friends and neighbors were overjoyed at her breakthrough, and even though they couldn’t come to her house with gifts and love, they were going to welcome her anyway. Still maintaining their social distances, they lined the streets with balloons and loving placards, cheering and screaming as Coco was driven down the street to her home. 

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” she said in a video chat with Krasinski. “We turned the corner and I saw my friends and more friends and my family. So many people were there.” She went on to thank the nurses and doctors who cared for her while still battling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Krasinski’s amazing show has immediately gone viral with 7.2 million views in two days. His new channel now has 548K subscribers. People in the comment section were emotional about the wonderful initiative, with many thanking Krasinski for the dose of goodness and joy in these trying times.

One comment read: “I realize the severity of this pandemic but I’m so sick of media adding to the panic and tragedy. Thank you for giving us hope that there is good still happening in the middle of this. Please don’t turn this into a TV show because they’ll ruin it with their propaganda and bad taste. You’re doing a great job, Jim. I mean John, lol.”

As Krasinski signed out, he said: “No matter how tough life can get, there’s always good in the world.”

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