Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, this information will revolutionize the way you get your protein! For years, red meat was thought to be the tried and true way to ensure you had an optimal protein intake, but recently that stone has been overturned… and what lies beneath is pretty surprising!

The question: Does Broccoli contain more protein than meat?

The answer: Beef has 6.4 grams of protein per 100 calories, while broccoli has 11/1 grams of protein per 100 calories… but don’t let the numbers fool you!

Always remember: Not all proteins are created equal!

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The Best Source of Protein

Meats, eggs, dairy products

These sources of protein provide a high quality source of protein that contains essential amino acids for growth and optimal bodily functioning. Lean meats contain heme iron, which your body is able to absorb properly, making it perfect for those who suffer from anemia.

Grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables

This source of protein is called an incomplete protein because it does not provide the same amount of essential amino acids. These foods contain something called nonheme iron, which is more difficult for the body to absorb.

In other words comparing vegetables to meat is like comparing apples and oranges! They are completely different foods, they aren’t even in the same class!

If you’re a vegetarian but not a vegan, make sure you get enough dairy and eggs in your diet! These high quality proteins will allow you to stay healthy, without the help of lean red meat.

For those of you who are vegans, it’s pretty tough to get the right kinds of proteins but don’t worry it’s not impossible. Keep eating those vegetables and make sure you also eat lots of quinoa! Quinoa is an excellent source of high quality protein as well so eat up!

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