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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
July 25, 2020 ·  2 min read

After Noticing Lack of Good Sticks At Park, Dad Turns Old Tree Branches into ‘Stick Library’ for Neighborhood Dogs

Every dog owner at some point has gone on the “good stick” hunt while at the park with their dog. Sometimes you find a real gem, but often the options for sticks to play fetch with aren’t that great. This is where “The Stick Library” comes in – and it’s amazing.

The Stick Library

59-year-old Andrew Taylor noticed that there was a real lack of good sticks at his local park to play fetch with his dog. He had been cutting off some excess branches from some trees in his yard when he thought “hey, with a little help, these would make great fetching sticks.” (1)

He decided that good sticks were meant to be shared, so he built a box with the words “stick library, please return” and brought it to the park, full of sticks. (1)

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What Makes a Good Fetching Stick?

A good fetching stick has to be not too long but not too short, either. Preferably somewhat smooth without any extra branches or large bends in it, the sticks have to be easy enough for dogs of all sizes to carry them, and of course for owners to throw them. (1)

Andrew took the branches that he had removed from the trees, chopped them up to be the right length, and then sanded them down to remove any large bumps and twigs. (1)

He then built the box, carved in the name, filled it up, and brought it to the park. (1)

The Grand Opening

On the first day that the stick library was in operation, Andrew and his daughter threw a party for its opening day. Since then, more than 50 dogs have had fun playing fetch in the park with a stick from the stick library. (1)

Create a Stick Library in Your Neighborhood

If you’re thinking that this sounds like something you need in your local dog park, then make one. It’s easy enough to do: all you need is a box or bin of some kind that fits the sticks, a sign explaining what it is and reminding owners to return the sticks before they leave, and a bunch of good sticks. 

You can even go one step further and do what Andrew did, which was find some not-so-good sticks, give them a little TLC, and then fill up your box.

Happy fetching!