Posted on: March 26, 2019 at 4:38 pm

Pools in the summer are life savers. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing, cool dip in the hot summer. Public pools are available, no doubt, but who doesn’t like the idea of a pool in their backyard? It can be way more hygienic and comfortable.


Overall, having your own pool in your own pool is an amazing idea… until you find out how much it costs to have one dug in, even above ground ones can be pricey. Small traditional pools won’t cost less than $10,000 on an average, and sizeable ones go even higher. If you’re not a fan of public pools and think having your own may not be in the budget, you might want to consider getting a ‘hillbilly bathtub’ [1].

Yeah, You Read That Right.

Those stock tank pools are just what you need if you want to stay cool this summer [2]. They are called stock tanks because they are actually water troughs that can be used on farms and ranches. It’s easier for livestock farmers to use these large tanks as troughs because they minimize the number of times they’d have to refill. It turns out they can be used for more than that. People are innovative, and these tanks are now being used by many as pools in their backyards.


Stock tank pools are much more affordable than traditional pools, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit adults or kids. They are easier to deliver, install, clean, and maintain. Tanks can range in price depending on their quality, size, and make. Smaller 40-gallon tanks can cost just under $100, whereas larger 700-gallon tanks can run just over $400.

You Can Make The Same Memories In Any Kind Of Pool

These large, galvanized, metallic troughs are easy to install without requiring excavation, leveling, plastering or paneling, and tiling. It’s a wonderful idea to use them as pools and people are beginning to appreciate them.

Pumps and filters can be installed to make it easier to fill, purify the water, and to help keep the pool clean.

There are many ways of installing these cute pools at home. Some keep them as is, allowing the metal to stay on display. However, some also add some add a little extra to their pools by decorating them as they see fit. Looking for some inspiration? Check these stock tank pools out!


Most people just drop them smack in the middle of the yard, but they can be installed as an in-ground pool or supported by some, colorful rocks and/or sand.

Stock pool owner, Annie McCreary explained how she maintains hers on Instagram [3].

“We use an above ground pool pump/filter,” she wrote. “We do add chlorine as needed, just like a regular pool/spa. I test it daily with the pool strips, [and], I shock it once a week—so easy! If it gets too funky, it’s easy to drain and refill.”

If you decide a stock tank is for you, be sure to maintain them properly and treat them like you would any other pool. There are some downsides to the pools, so be sure to do a little extra research before you decide they are for you. Overall, they’re a great affordable option. Some even think these things are incredible, so go on, it’s time for an affordable dip in your backyard this summer!

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