We all know that sugar is the main ingredient to blame for most illness, obesity and disease throughout North America. For years the blame has been pawned off on fats, saturated fats, cholesterol and more, when in fact the silent killer was staring us all in the face.

5 Things That Happen to Your Body On a Sugar Free Diet

 1. No More Food Cravings

Quitting refined sugars will stop your annoying food cravings and sugar crashes. After 5 weeks of a sugar free diet, you’ll find that it becomes easy to turn away sweets and bread. When we have sugar, our insulin is spiked and we crave more. As soon as you eliminate the cause, you eliminate the consequent… and voilà no more sugar cravings.

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 2. Improved Auto-Immune Condition 

Eliminating sugar from your diet decreases your body’s inflammation, since sugar is a natural causing inflammatory. Chronic inflammation is the source of diabetes and other conditions like cancer heart problems and even obesity. When you cut refined sugars out of your diet, you are preventing future health concerns due to inflammation.

 3. Skin Health

Sugar has a large influence on your natural aging process and when it reacts with proteins in your body, the collagen in your body can become less durable and resilient, making you age more quickly and your skin show that clearly!

4. Weight Loss

When you crave less sugar you crave less carbohydrates. Often times people assume sugar is candy and treats but in reality the majority of the sugar we consume is hiding in bread, crackers, cereal and other carbohydrates. When you crave these less, your weight loss goals are very attainable.

 5. No More Mood Swings

Mood swings are caused at times by hormonal imbalances so when you eliminate sugar, you have a more stable mood throughout the day. Sugar can also affect your sleeping patterns and cause you to have restless sleeps, which in turn can greatly impact your mood.

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