According to a presentation at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), most cases of melanoma skin cancer are not related to sunlight exposure.

Dr. Daniel Coit, a surgical oncologist at the MSKCC, presented his research on melanoma during a 2012 MSKCC Health Education Seminar.

Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?


According to his findings, most melanomas are not related to chronic sun exposure. Instead, Coit explains how melanomas are more dependant on gene mutations and a genetic history of the cancer.

Coit even explains how those who are constantly being exposed to the sun have a lesser risk of developing melanoma than those who are only occasionally exposed to it.


“Individuals exposed to intermittent or recreational sun exposure had much higher risk than those exposed to chronic occupational exposure,” the study, published in the HHS Public Access manuscripts, stated. “Melanoma risk can be substantially increased by inconsistent sun protection.”

Several other studies have also linked sunlight exposure to cancer-protective benefits.

One Swedish study that was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that non-smoking individuals who chronically avoided sun exposure had the same life expectancy as smokers who were regularly exposed to the sun.

Another study published in Environmental Health Perspectives also came to the conclusion that sunlight can protect against cancer.


Researchers found that vitamin D absorbed from the sun was able to enhance calcium digestion and metabolism. They also found that taking two to four times the recommended daily intake of both vitamin D and calcium resulted in a 77% reduction of cancer rates in test subjects, theoretically making sunlight exposure an effective method of preventing cancer.

This information comes in contrast to the various studies and promotions used by sunscreen companies which state that sunlight exposure directly correlates to cancer.

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